Saturday, 16 April 2011


We have been to Tate Modern today to see the Miró exhibition that opened a couple of days ago. Miró is my favourite and my best artist and I have been to see his work exhibited in Barcelona, his old house in Palma Majorca, New York and Paris so I was very excited about today.
Align Centre
The smalls were not that keen though. Big small doesn't like Tate Modern, she likes the National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery with proper pictures of landscapes with actual trees and portraits that look like people, not all this abstract modern stuff.
We waited by the Sunflower Seeds for everyone to do the toilet thing, we have already seen the seeds, shortly after the exhibition opened, but sadly not soon enough to be able to touch and handle them as the artist had intended. Felt really odd to see that they even had clumps of dust around the edges today, very poignant as the artist who created the piece, Ai Weiwei, is in prison in his native China and his wife admitted on the radio last week that she has no idea where he is.
The exhibition was busy, even though back in January we had bought tickets in advance, it was still pretty hectic when we first arrived but when you have a double buggy you deal with crowds differently I guess. Miro's early work was very small in size and as the display is arranged chronologically the first two rooms were crowded before it opened out, after room 5, as the paintings started enlarging leaving much more space.
The two youngest smalls feel asleep in the buggy shortly after the start so I was able to have a look at the pictures I could get close to. Loved the blues and the wall of black and white lithographs
We went for lunch in the cafe on the 1st level, we really like it there, the food is always great and excellent value for money. Big Small and I took the escalator and Daddy took the buggy in the lift, it took him 10 minutes longer than us as no one would let him in the lift. I have had this problem at Tate Modern before, the choice architects need to work on rewording the priority signs on the lifts I suspect.
Lazy walk back along the South Bank and some of us had a go on the carousel, enjoyed watching the skaters and BMXers and we watched London getting ready for the marathon. Baby small was pretty confused to find Mickey and Donald on a tea break.


Liz Wynne-Jones-Tucker said...

Super article! I came across your blog through your comments on another. Miro is one of my fondest memories of art classes at secondary school and nearly 30 years later - you can still see the miro influences on my doodles lol. Thanks for sharing.

KP Nuts said...

No problem Liz! The exhibition is on at the Tate for ages, September 11th I think, so you have time to pop in and see!