Sunday, 27 July 2014

Oh Love, we Finally Made It

It's been an incredible week.

The weather has been outstanding.

Many of our meals have featured allotment produce, our bus passed its annual MOT, S was the first person in our village to finish the library summer reading challenge, E and I had a great day in London at the Imperial War Museum. Many of our friends came to our local park to celebrate the Unschooling highlight "Learn Nothing Day" and S was pleased to see her BFFs, O has had a few THDs. We've been guests at one of the best, and most original, weddings ever. The first time the trio have shared such an event with one of their friends. We've seen fireworks from our beach hut in Worthing and work has begun on the log cabin at the end of our garden.

London. Brighton. My life was like that in 1994.

The photo above is TDO and the trio at my University. I graduated from there in 1994. Who Knew.

TDO = The Daddy One
BFF = Best Friend Forever
THD = Total Home Day


Been singing this all day after the wedding yesterday

"When I woke up this morning first of all  I thought yesterday was all a dream: It was so amazing."  said

E (7 and three quarters) Then........

"Harry Potter made 3/4s cool."

"You said it was going to be really boring but it wasn't. It was brilliant." O (5)

We are all really properly tired today after the: sausage tasting, epic wedding and beach hut fireworks.

We googled our song lyrics and listened to the YouTube clips but mostly we've just relaxed at home.

TDO chose the white rosette "If you're ready I'm about to pop." All Through The Night ~ Escort

O chose "Love is a beautiful thing." from the song of the same name by the Bear Brothers

S chose "Please return the spoons." from Glad to know you by Chaz Jenkel

I chose "She just winks an eye and the bread slices turn to toast." from Cliff Richard's The Girl Can't Help It

E chose "The whole arcade s hypnotised" from Video Queen Chocolate Milk

One of the things about unschooling I have absorbed is slowing down and taking notice. Highlighted by the gorgeous art work for yesterday's order of service focusing on a pain of glass inside a building I was metres from for 3 years of my life but never noticed.........not sure if I even ever went inside.

I also realised yesterday that the decision to share our family decisions - from breastfeeding, co-sleeping, La Leche League, holding La Leche League meetings in our home and, more recently, all things home education related have influenced the lives of  others, perhaps, more than I ever realised before.

And, that whilst reflecting on the old friends I still have from 25 year ago at University, for the children of our friends and our childen's friends they have known us all of their lives.......and they are not really new friends at all. Because I met many of them as babies at LLL I seemed to have blinked and double digits have arrived.

And of course on my own wedding and marriage. I was really sad not to have picked up our name tags from the table. They were so beautiful and aesthetic but when I came back from helping O on the loo the tables had been cleared away. Then, just now, I found them nestling safely in TDO's pocket.............

O's black Yoshi remains elusive. O  spent much of yesterday making hearts with his hands.

Last time I used Fantasy as a blog post title back in 2013 we were into the Potter Pals who featured in our wedding activity book yesterday.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

God Only Knows

An amazing 24 and 8 or so more to report. It mattered little that S washed out the curls that took an age to put in her hair. E's started the day with sausage tasting at our local butcher (I was vegetarian until we moved here!) and then a wedding at my old university. An amazing wedding. The sun shone. It was personal, thoughtful, individual and unique. 

Really special. Wonderful to return to my old university from 25/20 years ago depending on start / finish date! The trio were awesome. They sat through the ceremony and the speeches in a way I never imagined they would :) Mostly because they were so good! Never have I sung along to a song like today's title track at a wedding before or listened to a Best Man speech from a man dressed up as an otter......

When we arrived there were rosettes on the tree with specially selected song lyrics and we had fun choosing the ones we liked best, the ceremony itself was inspired and there was a bouncy castle too and a VW camper ice cream van! 

The Meeting House has cool coloured glass - the unusual architecture of Sussex Uni is one of the cool things about it

When I was a student at Sussex University I always said I would never live far away from the University as I liked the area so much. Of course I couldn't predict the various property price bubbles (even as an Economist!) but we do have a beach hut in,

After the ceremony and the meal and speeches the evening evening was for adults so we came home via our beach hut and the fireworks on Worthing beach. We pulled up just as they started.

Should we ever be invited to another wedding for the trio the bar has been set very high.
S rocking the dress she made with her Granmda - we were all in blue :)