Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Monday evening was a pre wedding leg wax for me and, later, allotment for E and TDO. The trio who had all been happily engaged in solo activities waited until I was slathered in hot wax to pull of toe nails and accidentally lock themselves in the bathroom........

E and I left Grandma in charge today and headed off to the train station whilst S and O were still sleeping on.
E has been excited to go back to The Imperial War Museum  for days, weeks, months as it closed for a major refurbishment shortly after our visit to the Horrible Histories exhibition in November.

It was so good we ran out of time for Secret War (known in our family as the James Bond area) and made a plan to return. The explosion of interest in nerf guns since then only deepening the desire.

S and I had been previously for a Second World War exhibition.

When E was 2 he was obsessed with tractors. Eventually I knew.all the makes and model numbers John Deere, New Holland......we had so many books and videos and watched YouTube clips together I knew all the costs and the features. We drove onto the forecourt of the local tractor sales depot so often I think they suspected we were getting ready to rob the place!

And so today on a solo child London gallivant it struck me that I am fast learning difference between a rifle and a pistol and a machine gun and a rocket launcher ......we went round twice for a closer look at the SAS area.

The learning we do as home educators is so real - today I remembered answers to questions like "What is the tallest building in the world?" and other London questions - I recall very little of what I learnt at school.

We also revisited the bravery gallery on the top level which the trio so enjoyed in November.

We caught the 344 from Clapham Junction to the Museum. It is a great route on the top deck of a double decker south of the river as you can see Big Ben and the London Eye and the  M16 building that was blown up at the start of the James Bond movie Skyfall - Connections.

Many Golden Eye connections today. The newly refurbished museum is excellent. We were both very impressed.

E was so calm and mellow and peaceful today it was a pleasure and a joy which is amazing looking at the crazy faces he is pulling in the photos..............It has been another heatwave of a day.

M16 Selfie

Monday, 21 July 2014

Feel The Love

One of the central concepts of Unschooling that we have embraced and made our own is called Strewing. At home and away. That's why I never say we were "just" watching The Simpsons. At home I have "Point of Sale" areas like the targeted checkout marketing in Supermarkets where I know things will be noticed and spark a conversation and out and about I find endless ideas using social media. Mostly I use Twitter.

Over the past 2 or 3 years I have found all kinds of ideas to deepen and widen interests such as reading Agatha Christie books leading to visiting some of the locations used to film episodes of Poirot, sometimes it leads to  films or sometimes films lead to interests such as with James Bond which has meshed all kinds of connections from Nerf Guns to Simpsons! Connections. Connections are how learning works.

Twitter is brilliant democratic platform for following: museums, galleries, book authors and publishers and National Trust properties to find out about their latest exhibitions and spot those that coincide with our interests. We have made all kinds of real life connections this way too - roadtesting school holiday activities for The National Trust, being on the judging panel of Kids in Museums......

Another good strewing tool is the pre-order service on Amazon - when a book series has been enjoyed you can order the next one to come at the best price as soon as it is published. This has the advantage that I generally forget all about it as happened today when the graphic novel version of Artemis Fowl and the Opal Deception landed on the mat for S................

It could have been an odd day today in the sense that the car MOT was designed to coincide with a London Day that is now happening tomorrow but actually it wasn't - no one moaned on the walk from or to the garage and we stopped to look at snails, rabbits and butterflies we had lunch in the garden and the caravelle passed. Hooray.

E and O have decided to sell their Disney Pixar Cars Cars to fund the purchase of more Nerf guns - after two visits to the park where we had the place to ourselves it was a shock to find it really busy yesterday evening.

S has discovered that some of my old clothes fit her - she is wearing a top that was mine in 1997 today!

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Rose Rouge

3 day weekends are the answer.

E helped me make the nectarine and amaretto biscuit wonder that we learnt how to make on our Tuscan honeymoon 11 years ago. TDO's parents gifted us a huge box of large nectarines. Perfect!

S and O have been very busy on a My Froggy Stuff project together. The cardboard creates are everywhere! The mess is a bit of a pain but her inspiration is so wonderful to see,

O made his own Simpsons chalk board. He didn't need to ask how to spell "Bum"

We've measured out for a log cabin and read lots of stories for E and O ready for the summer reading scheme.