Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Tried very hard not to let a wasted day also overshadow the evening. Mushroom and blue cheese risotto helped and G'ma read some of the latest American Girl book aloud to us. We did get home in time for Gma to take Eti back to see the Evolution Auction preview for a second visit.

This morning Weed came and O (5) and I popped to a new Home Ed meet up for winter called "Messy Play" in Rackham which is just 4 miles from us. There were 10 or more families there and O played Lego for an hour or so whilst I caught up with a few local people I haven't seen in ages and lots of new faces.

S is feeling frustrated with her lack of project space and struggling to shake off the cloud of stubborn chicken pox scars, looming tooth issues, changes to friendship dynamics - She has rallied towards Youth Club tonight and is now helping out on Harry Potter Wii.

I took E to the park for nerf play whilst Weed was here but it is really muddy and wet. The bullets don't work so well when they are wet - Et is still insisting on shorts and crocs...............I get a lotta funny looks.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

In the near 4 years I have been keeping this daily blog never have I felt that a day has been so wasted as today! 5 hours sat on the M25 motorway might have been worse but it's marginal.

Today I took (persuaded) S to the NHS orthodontist at St Richards Hospital Chichester - A building I haven't been inside in over 10 years - S has never been inside a hospital before....... and mostly we waited and then waited some more with a few intervals of seeing people we mostly waited.

Leaving Grandma at home with E and O for near 4 hours when similar procedures at our local dentist have taken sub 10 minutes.

And still with no real dates or resolutions. I am still none the wiser as to why a private dentist refereed us to an NHS orthodontist but there we go.

Otherwise there was The Gadget Show and an evening celebrating the return of WiFi, O's continuing to read to me in the mornings.

Monday, 24 November 2014

S, E and O and I read and chatted in bed for ages last night.

This morning evaporated in a whirl of fairy cakes ready for Artemis Fowl book club.

O is loving his new drawing station and has a drawing board that was TDO's in his youth! He adores it and before we came inside today he said "I just have to tidy up my work station."

The light in the log cabin is glorious.

We have been without WiFi all day today - from around 8:30am - I cursed our service provider many times before realising it was user error on my part and dismantling a den had dislodged a crucial cable.

Book Club with less members has been resolved to year end. E having the genius idea that he would take over the final slot and host the already agreed book. Such maturity.