Monday, 5 December 2016

Whatever Will Be

We watched "Jingle All the Way" last night - another movie that would be plotless had mobile phones and in the internet been invented but does have the voice of Troy McLure

Our clan won a war on Clash of Clans last night - leaving us around 400 points til level 5 clan

Didn't make it on to the cross trainer for the 3rd day in a row massively floored by a really heavy period

Pizza for breakfast as we had no bread!

We went to Littlehampton this morning for an hour of Pokemon Go in the blue with E and O - caught some amazing Pokemon - met up with friend C from Friday's birthday action - I am level 21 now. E was originally going to stay home as it was so cold but decided to come at the last minute. In the car on the way home he was a bit annoying then........

E was a horror when we got back. The time it took to deal with said heavy period was all it needed -  That wasted an hour. - I hope my super upbeat review of the year post hasn't jinxed his progress.

Warrior Cats Power of Three series arrived for S yesterday and she's already finished the first book!

S and O and I have just been birthday present shopping and now S and I are going to watch some more of The Crown a netflix series we've been enjoying. We do love a royal drama. With a side order of google.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Bit late wrapping up the past 24 - had to grab a quick walk before daylight vanished to grab the pokestops

Whilst S and TD popped out for a Christmas tree O and I accidentally broke clown cart whilst I was making a massive roast dinner

Christmas Movie Advent was Home Alone 2

then TD and I watched Modus

G and G have been for a visit today

TD has helped S withe her Rackham algebra home work

O and friend A on the same Mario game since around 10am - it's 4:30pm!

I tried to help E download a Mine craft castle map on to his realm but we couldn't get it to work - he has elected to go with out Pocket money once a month as he misses his realm so much

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Whilst we were out yesterday O and TD made another Clown cart from Mario in Lego with a puzzle game with an inside puzzle lego and then some lego dimensions which must have been seriously dusty as it's been little touched since last Christmas when we bought it - but E had a friend waiting on the PS4 so they cut it short

Family movie night slash family movie night was Home Alone

This morning I did some Christmas shopping online - there must be some advantage to waking at 4am

Et slept in til past 9

E played on PS4 with J then friend P from Thailand on the Christmas update to Hypixel and his realm which expires tomorrow for most of the day.

O and i made a picture for his online friend watching lots of episodes of Arthur on iPlayer

S and TD went back to Team Sport following last Satuday's error for a second try at karting - they had lots of top down action fun and there were new karts at the track plus some fellow racers who didn't understand red lights.