Friday, 3 July 2015


The peas are ripe at the allotment :) Rattling in their pods. E didn't want to come over but I hadn't been outside all day - I'd have probably been better off inside! O had fun watering though but the first time in 2015 he decides it is warm enough to sack the thick black tracksuit bottoms for something more light weight he falls over and does a slip! Grazed knee - hole in thin trousers -  Just as S's was healing..........the scab baton passed.

Made this for supper -  gone in 60 seconds! Well the carnivores anyway.

We landed up watching Jurassic Park for longer than anticipated afterwards but still had a chapter of Goblet of Fire - there are only 5 left! 

Today's first was a dead mouse IN the house :( One I tried to save last weekend but that went underneath the skirting board.............Then I saved another which had climbed the fence in terror then there was another waiting on the patio when we arrived home. I am fairly sure this wasn't in my job description.

I had to wake up S and O at 9:30am!

Another day in which the plans on the blackboard were changed - No Orsam day as O's friend S and his family are poorly so instead, whilst E went to teenager J - S, O and I went for an extremely badly timed swim outside! It was lovely but only one car park space remained for me to maneuver the bus into as it was so busy but when we left the car park was empty - I am so used to being counter cyclical I am just not very good at such things anymore.

On the plus side it was busy enough for the flume slide to be open - must have been an inset day or maybe the private schools are off already.

O did loads of underwater swimming and S said the changing rooms were too dirty to change in........

And they observed a minutes silence which was kind of odd - Of all the unschooling ideas outside of the traditional (food, bedtimes etc etc) one of the most helpful to me in creating a peaceful nest has been turning off the news - I used to be something of a news junkie - so S and O had no idea about the beach massacre which I'd rather not have told them about in the swimming pool.

Overheard teens chatting in the swimming pool "His Mum cooked the whole meal from scratch. Apparently she always does. Weird or what?"

S, O and I had a sunny picnic before returning to collect E who was full of chat about this

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Another 24 rolls around

Plans for pretty much every day this week have altered from those originally chalked up on the board.......

Whilst we were waiting for TD O found some Christmas stocking paper robots which he and I enjoyed building together. He's been into robots so long. I cherish doing such things with him.

Big allotment session for late home TD and O last night in which O had a eureka "That's why raspberries have holes." moment as the first of the season ripened for eating.

O had his bed sheets pre chilled in the freezer last night - I must ask him how it turned out!

Et has had a full day out in Worthing with Grandma and Grandie today - S and O didn't want to go so I elected to stay home with them rather than all of us going. 8am-3pm! E has had a fantastic time and top down action :) and some new Skylanders and lots of playing cards at the beach. We were to have a crafts sesson for S with B but that's been rearranged til next week

S has modified / upcycled some clothes today - the project didn't start out too well as she got really cross with me when I wouldn't release a £25 TShirt to the scissors.....Off the back of Saturday's fuss and the earring saga and discovering another bathroom products related "experiment" I didn't feel very inclined! In the end the result was brilliant - a culmination of several YouTube ideas.

When O saw the infinity scarf  idea he wanted one too to use as a ninja bandana so we found an old T-Shirt for him and he came to the supermarket and the butchers in full ninja mode and made the customers laugh.

We did talk about going swimming but the crucial part of the  morning went to Adventure Time - I always try and follow along with the trio's TV choices but this one has me stumped! It's a bit like cartoon Twin Peaks. Sort of. S said a friend recommended it.

It has been really quiet without E - O and I have mostly played Lego and read stories, we read two chapters of Winnie the Pooh - my 25 year old copy! as some friends reminded us about it at the weekend and I have ignored any temptation to do housework having changed all the beds yesterday.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Very Special

Hottest day of the year so far - With Weed on holiday the plan was a swim in Littlehampton then take the bikes along the seafront with friends- The swim didn't happen as E is still without swim wear and when S woke me up at 3am to tell me her wobbly tooth had fallen out I feared the cycle might slip past too........So in the event we've had a THD which seems a shame to me as a summer lover and one who needs more exercise but no one has moaned at all about the decision to stay home and there has been Lego. Skylanders and Minecraft as I'd already made our picnic last night so some time for house work was freed up for me! The upside of having a cold drafty house in winter is that it s cold in Summer too! I think I'm going to have to rejoin the gym once TD's dissertation is done in September as there are just too many variables in family exercise!

I've also pulled together an end of year review which has given me ideas and shown me which Lego models can be broken up.

O has painted a cardboard tube silver - it dried so fast thanks to the sun.

O and I watched "Arthur and the Invisibles" and "Bolt" last night whilst S and O Minecrafted with friends. We are in the final stages of reading Harry Potter GoF

E has a wobbly molar tooth which keeps bleeding - I wonder why I ever thought unregulated body fluids were a toddler phenomenon. This is a good chart of wobble order.