Thursday, 30 June 2016

Halfway through 2016 -

Gosh we are halfway through 2016 already - here is a flashback to our story from this day in 2011 and 2013 and our halfway review from 2014. A  halfway review in which I talk nonsense about E not having dyslexia.

After yesterday's post

O had 3 hours with friend H 3-6pm

I changed my gamertag  on Minecraft and spent a while on E's realm and S's realm

After the allotment TD read Ruby Redfort  to E and E was asleep by 8:10 not waking til near 7 - best sleep he's had in weeks. I read Time Travels with a Hamster to S and O then TD read to S and S read to TD!

O and I played guess the shadow with the koopalings and fell asleep playing word association - The tooth ache I thought I'd shaken off returned though :(

E woke up on a high excited about going to Horsham on the train and passed time playing with friends P and O (P made this) then, when I told him he couldn't bring nerf guns to the picnic, he had a major massive meltdown.................

When he calmed down he said he was ready to leave! So we lasted around an hour at the park which S really enjoyed (she was gutted when E said he wouldnt come) - O didn't get into much and Ive taken so many pain killers that all that remains of me is a pulsing toothache so I was on a pretty short fuse.

It was nice to go on the train - trying to do it a bit more to build up to S being able to go on the train alone.

I fear I may have to go to the emergency dentist

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Hooked On You

It's raining again. Pouring, It feels like winter. June 2016 has been a bit of a washout. Half way through the year!

Yesterday's 5:30am start (combined with a second wind of going back on line when he'd come in from lego in the log cabin ready for bed the previous night!!) caught up with E and he asked to go to bed before 8pm. We had a lovely flying solo evening, 4 of us had our 3 different suppers together then we had a YouTube night taking it in turns to choose 3 x 15 minute videos each via the pairing code instead of a movie.

It was nice to have a parents matter more than peers evening.

The choices were Red Engineer, Ross, MMP, a film theory about Donald Trump, SSundee, Neko Astume in Minecraft.

It's night The trio have gone for Harry Potter Draw my Life, Thinknoodles and What will I choose?

I loved the Harry Potter and Dobby draw my lives the best

After a chapter of Ruby Redfort E was asleep and S, O and I (re) read a chunk of Time Travels with a Hamster in bed together - A really great evening. Both books are so quoteable - 
 I love these two about the differences between listening and hearing and knowledge and memory from Hamster above and Redfort below - Both books are a reread and I am noticing them more

Then I suggested we brush our teeth and turn out the light - so two hours later we still weren't asleep thanks to the debate about whether it is worth brushing wonky teeth that  you don't like that followed,....sometimes............... 5:30-11:30 is too long to be constantly on call and keep a sense of humour.

Afterwards S played on MCPZ with the real Arujann! (who you'll know if you play MCPZ) She's fine online late as (a) she doesn't skype so is silent and (b) doesn't seem to have the same problems winding down as E

E was online with friend O before 7am this morning - asking questions about command blocks and typing and spelling before I was even dressed and coffeed........

He had around 3 hours testing out the new PVP mini game on Realm and Mining Dead and doing more work on the kits on his realm before we headed out....E has also had several IBS / not making the toilet episodes in the past 24 and I am totally at a loss as to what is going on there.

I've hardly left our village, let alone the house! in over a week - It is not good for my mental health

First we dropped E at friend R's then O and I went swimming whilst S waited in the cafe.

The outside pool was closed so they said they would open the slide instead which they did for about 1/2 an hour - I had a go on the slide for the first time and S sat where we could see her through the glass - despite retrieving them from the bathroom I managed to leave O's googles at home so it was just as well really...

We headed into town afterwards bumping into E and his friends and their family and their friends! Which meant there were 7 homeed kids in Shakeaway at one point! I got chatting to a fellow customer about metal detectors at the beach.

E went back with his friend whilst S, O and I looked at a few bits in the shops then returned to collect him.

Had some great chats with S today about fave authors and Karl Marx and we discussed his theory that religion is the opium of the people as we walked across the park.

Back home and E and O are back on Skype Minecraft slash robolox

I'm not sure if it is the rain or the hormones or the intermittent toothache or the length of the days or the lack of exercise or  the financial uncertainty or politics or the clearing up of poo most days atm but I am constantly needing to Pep talk myself from tears - I see the learning value in so much of what the trio do but I also feeling without status and respect much of the time.

 Ignore the washing up focus on the cute

 S and I have started journalling again and S cat is keen to join in

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

O drew loads of mazes last night for TD and I - the belt drive on the printer is bust so he drew some of his own  which led to drawing loads

O's online friend H celebrated his 12th birthday today and they played for  a while this morning

O had an hour or so at the park in the sunshine with Grandie

O and I walked to and from the station garage today - the caravelle couldn't be fixed and has a date in Brighton


S requested to reread Time Travels with a Hamster so Gma returned it today and we read aloud a couple of chapters this afternoon :)

S has been remodelling her lego set up for a live on the road


Despite staying on line an hour or so later than usual gaming E woke up at 5:30am and has consequently not been up for much today

He has been playing the new Football game on Hypixel

Before 7am we had made some new command blocks on his realm - How to get more health for kits

/effect <User> 21 1000000 10