Monday, 20 October 2014

Wide Awake

Today I have read aloud a chapter of Opal Plumstead with S. (which I have to say is really good and is changing my opinion of JW)

Read some Tom Gates aloud to E whilst he sat in the bath this morning.

Read 5 or 6 Mr Men titles to O whilst he sat in the bath.

Read a couple of chapters of the first Percy Jackson to E and O on the sofa, ready for book club, whilst they made hama bead creations at my feet,

Reading aloud in the daytimes and reading a book to more than one person at once had been top of my A/W 14 Strewing Planning list but I didn't expect it to be bumped to the top so rapidly. And the reason? E and O have chicken pox. O has a lot more spots but is much more cheerful in himself. E only has 4 spots but reading back over the past week's blog posts it is clear now he was fighting off infection. Several times last week I used lethargic and tired.........

Today I've had cause to be hugely grateful for the 21st century and a delivery of Ocado groceries. I guess way back when people could have asked a neighbour to pick up an item or two but not the ten bags worth needed to feed a household of 6 for a few days......... (the suppressed appetite phase was over pretty fast!)

and the regression that was so impossible to handle when illness struck the trio a few years ago has been sort of nice in its own way too - singing lullabies, cuddling on the sofa taking me right back to newborn days.

And remembering how I love the blue paint in our front room matching my perfect sky colour through the windows - normally when the sky is such a colour I am out gallivanting.

And feeling supremely grateful for being the masters of our own destiny thanks to home education - not wondering how healthy siblings might get to the school run - or even having to run at all! Or wondering whose career will suffer by taking unscheduled time off work because I am here already - Or feeling the pressure of attendance figures and wondering whether we have a permitted illness under the new rules. These new guidelines caused outrage in Wales last week and would mean O would be back at school on Wednesday.

C comes back from Edinburgh later. S is amending her welcome banner! Am hoping she'll be able to take S, who is perfectly fine and had chicken pox when I was pregnant with O, out and about a bit this week.

All in all not the kind of blog post I expected to write today at all.

In Other News

Dropped my earring back this morning. Searched for it for a while as I heard it hit the ground and couldn't find it so decided to play lego star wars with Et.
Found earring back next to a Lego clone.

Listed some items on eBay

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Mass Appeal

S has turned some of her soaps into necklaces today. E and O are really under the weather and have slept most of the day regressing and reminding me of long ago days.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Move On Up

Shortly after publishing yesterday's post and saying goodbye to E's friends who had been here for the day Philly came to wax my legs, underarms and eyebrows - postponed from Tuesday. Smooth and fresh!

The trio were all pretty lethargic last night and asked to go to bed rather earlier than expected leaving TDO and I to watch "Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy." Drink wine and chat and catch up after a week in which TD has been away for 2 nights.

Today we said farewell to the corner sofa that has been residing in our den for almost exactly 3 years to the day sending it to the rubbish tip via collecting a replacement table and two benches which may or may not stay there depending on the log cabin set up. Another horizontal surface for drawing - had wallpaper on within 5 minutes of arriving. Hot and heavy work lifting and moving furniture. The table and benches are from Script. S came with me in the car and we had a great chat and sang along to Katy Perry.

After lunch and a shower E and I went down to the beach hut in Worthing and walked on down to the Lido for some 2p gambling. Big walk in sea air and collected S's roller skates which she has own grown and is keen to sell to raise funds to buy Minecraft for the laptop PC she inherited from her Grandma yesterday. After selling her bike in 2013 she decided a few days later that she would learn to ride one! Maybe the same will be true of skates! 

Lots of 1:1 time. E said in town "It's great when it's just you and me!" He is completely different when his siblings aren't around.

TDO has been hard at work on the cabling project.

 O scopes out some instructions for a Lego submarine he made this morning

 O christens the new table with a first drawing - A rollercoaster