Monday, 29 August 2016

Hello August Bank Holiday Monday.

A few bullets of what we've been up to in the last 24 hours

S has reordered her book shelves alphabetically by title and consequently been reading loads now her books are unboxed

Bacon and nectarine salad turned into bacon and mushroom risotto and nectarine crumble made with amaretto biscuits and the first of the new series of Antiques Roadshow made me feel very Autumnal. The final item was a Doll House linking back to an Uppark / Windsor project of S's from a few years ago.

We miss the valuation game on Antiques Roadshow

S, TD and I watched the new $10 million adaptation of Victoria staring Jenna Coleman last night - we talked about how absolutely tiny her outfits were when we saw them at the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff last year

E and I camped out in the log cabin again last night - we fell to sleep around 11 but didn't wake up til 8:15 - Once his PCs are down there I can see E relocating!! The pillows have endless cold sides down here he told me

TD took E to Littlehampton beach to play Pokemon Go this morning but sadly E dropped his phone on the stones and it is now they arrived home much sooner than anticipated whilst I was still soaking things in the sink and mid hoovering and laundry sorting..........

Framed O's amazing Mario picture - he made an error that we stuck a piece of paper over and re-drew

I took E to the park for nerf but we lost a gun specific dart over the fence

Couple of epic nose bleeds for S :(

TD and O are finishing off the lego model of O's robolox skin in the log cabin

S made this amazing trail of rainbow sparkles inspired by an idea from babysitter M

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Smokey is thrilled with S's new black room so far
This is the gift we bought O back from Insomnia
Roblox man in Lego under construction

The 48 hours of no laundry, cooking or washing up are over. Home.

TD, S, O and I watched Hotel Transylvania Two last night whilst E played mostly Skywars and Quake on Hypixel with babysitter M til around 10pm

It's not easy being the Mum of a Dyslexic son who is prone to meltdowns with IBS in the mix but it is way harder to be the sibling of one. 48 hours sleeping in one room was a lot of S and E who usually keep out of each others way!

E couldn't settle to sleep last night - the disruption caused by decorating really bothers him with things all over the place and strange smells etc so I spontaneously suggested a camp out in the log cabin which he leapt at it! We managed about 7 hours :)

Whilst down there I noticed TD and O had started work on O's robolox skin in lego mode whilst we were away.

Today TD has worked super hard laying the black laminate floor in S's bedroom this morning.

S and O have played with the new Gomber we bought back from Insomnia introducing him to the Koopalings

E has played with friend P from Thailand for the first time in ages

S's room is looking amazing - she is rearranging her book shelves. I'm Jello! I loved doing things like that when I was her age.

On This Day in Our Story

2015 - was a Not Back to School Picnic 

and S read One

2014 O was all about Bart.............Even now S has Simpsons playing on her phone as she cooks and moves around the house

2013 We went to the cinema to see the forgettable movie Planes



 Black coving, radiator, window frame and skirting and walls and floor make the ceiling look awesome

 O worked on this picture for hours yesterday with breaks in between

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Insomnia Day Two

After a great late supper last night S and E had the most almighty bust up :( A shame as we had a lovely day and supper ...................somehow I managed to get them / me to sleep but when the three of us woke up hot and sweaty in the same hot 5th floor room at 6:30am the row carried on..............................until around 8:30 when we had one hour to have breakfast and get to Insomnia for day two............................Well there's another file under reserves I never knew I had........

So much to process - for S the enormous adrenaline come down of finding her lost phone......the excitement and sadness of saying Hi and Bye to one of her online BFFs. The star struckness of meeting idols......

So today E9 had a friend, yesterday S11 had a friend - but today there were 16,000 people and my relaxed attitude to S wondering off evaporated in the business and so many people ness of it all

E played more Overwatch mostly and some Hypixel and NoxCrew

S met Smallish Beans and came over all Star Struck

We left around 2pm - 4 plus more hours than seemed likely at 8am...........but didn't last as long as day one.....

Saw loads of Yandere cosplays similar to S's for Japan Day two and Deadpool and Pokemon - I wish I'd done a Japan Centre order to sell at the NEC! The prices were eyepopping!!

Wonderfully they seem to have only remembered the awesome bits - hardly took any photos as it was so busy

Home after a 4 hour journey to TD and O - TD has made a start on the black laminate for S's bedroom floor and we bought O a Gomber