Saturday, 28 March 2015


After a busy week a  TH 24

S was bursting to Skype G and G and show them her earrings when we arrived home from Horsham yesterday. Skype is so amazing.

O and I played a lego game in which our lego characters visited Star Wars world then he got stuck in carbonite

We watched Simpsons with supper - one of my best ever episodes the one with the gummi Venus De Milo

TD helped O through a tricky level on Star Wars Wii he has been struggling with after supper yesterday

Family Movie Night was Stardust - some debate beforehand as to whether it would be Paddington. O didn't fancy it he was tired after late night Thursday and instead elected for YouTube in bed :) 

S read Geek Girl whilst  simultaneously watching the movie - I bought her the first book a year or so ago thinking  she'd like it but she never read it til a few weeks ago since when she has requested the rest of the series - she stayed up pretty late reading it and has nearly finished it

We played Robot pairs and Tutan Koot 'Em frst thing this morning before Grand Prix qualifying - O still hates not being the winner but E often lets him win when it seems not so long ago that E really struggled with not winning. 

We've had lots of coins for our Script World record jar from Barbados, Uganda - it seems everyone has a little pot of foreign change in their house somewhere!

I kind of wish we had kept them before posting them to lay them on a map of the world.

Had a double yolker egg on my pizza at lunch which led to talking about eggs and googling the bits we didn't know and E asked if you can get a no yolker and it turns out you can and that it is called a "Fart egg!"

We (I) had this idea to rearrange the furniture in the log cabin to give the seedlings more light once they germinate which turned out to be way more complex than I imagined and has been occupying TDO since lunch

E and O have played Skylanders 

S has skyped and Minecrafted her friend R 

It's been a great week for us - I've held it together despite TDO having to work late pretty much every night - two play dates for social E with both Rs, time with teenager J, S has had her ears pierced, we've all cycled in sunshine first bikes at Barnham of 2015, S has hosted and planned for a bath bombs workshop. There's been youth club, football club.........

In fact the first quarter of 2015 has been pretty neat. Gun gallivants, Roald Dahl Museum, Tower of London , getting into football club and the Lego Minecraft server. Out of Bounds, British Museum, Brighton and lots of cosy home days.

This time last year we were at the RSPB with sculptor Jon Edgar
In 2013 on this day we had tadpoles
Ice cream at Fishers farm in 2012
2011 some lovely art sandwiched between London days

Friday, 27 March 2015

Friday 3pm

A really packed 24 to blog in which I have hoovered up a spoon and been suffering from sore legs post cycling and S (10) has had her ears pierced.

Shortly after yesterday's blog post I removed all the bikes from the bike rack. On, off, on, off....just as with swimming the pre and post event coordination is almost more tiring and often more time consuming than the actual thing itself.

S made a tiramisu for the adults evening whizzing out to the shops to collect a missing ingredient. She also made another batch of lip balms and an earing tree all before supper.

TDO was really late home again walking in the back door at 19.29pm just as the guests arrived at the front at 19:30! It was a really nice adults evening. Around  6 years on from the first (I was pregnant with O and he is 6 next month) 3 regular families plus my friend B and her husband who have recently relocated from the lake district to West Sussex. It is great to have such a cluster of normal people nearby who get it!

E and TDO fell asleep so S and O landed up staying in the cabin with me playing Lego and making duck tape creates for the guest. It was past 11 when we went to sleep.

I was shattered this morning (mostly from the piccolo pulling cycling) but we had a slow minecraft morning start before heading to Horsham to drop E with teenager J so S and O and I headed into town for ear piercing and lunch and a really cool 3 hours together laughing and chatting and bumping into people we know.

S was delighted they had sapphire earrings in the selection of first pairs and I was thrilled to have my engagement and eternity rings cleaned.

Home via the Friday errands ready for the weekend. It should have been a 3 dayer but TDO has had to work today.

I've hardly taken any photos this week even though there has been loads to take photos of. We've had a seriously social week with Messy Play and Bikes at Barnham in and around several other play dates

Thursday, 26 March 2015


From uncertain cloudy and rainy beginnings we've had a glorious day today. Bikes and nerf at Barnham first one of 2015 - again changes in dynamics and not all families coming in totality led to several games that included all of the children and some quality friendships. O was decisively with the older children today too. 

I did some piccolo cycling with Orin - serious cardio and aerobic exercise compared to 2014! 4 families came we were pretty much the only people in the play area for 3 or 4 hours! Lovely. On multiple occasions this week I have had reason to be thankful for living in the heart of a vibrant home ed scene. 

S's final youth club before the Easter break last night next one in 3 weeks - TDO has worked late every night this week so E and O had to come for collection walk in the dark. 

Evening mix of Clarice Bean and legends on the Wii

Home to lip balm making and S is making a tiramisu for tonight's adults evening - she says it might be the last time as we ought to start making something new :)

The WallE jigsaw we spied for O in the charity shop yesterday turned out to have 9 pieces missing! 9! He was gutted.