Saturday, 19 April 2014

Another Girl

O (4) draws Harry Potter whilst watching Philosopher's Stone yesterday. If you look carefully under the fringe you can see the scar.

Day two of Holiday staycation and, especially given the high levels of excitement surrounding upcoming celebrations for Easter at Grandma and Grandie's, O's 5th birthday and Legoland , we've all melted into the home holiday vibe pretty effortlessly. No work for TDO until May 12th!

It's been a total home 24 so O's been awesome. We've played Lego museums and read stories together. S and I have read some Jane Blonde under the covers together and E has skyped with his friends for several hours filling his social cup without O needing to leave the house. 

As a family we've rewatched Epic and Harry Potter. We don't do busy too well as yesterday proved and come next week we can gallivant again.

Feeling more staggered that O is soon to be 5 than S is near 10. The past 5 years having travelled much faster. In July I celebrate a decade of "retirement."

The builders have been on the roof today repairing the lead flashing around one of the chimneys which was damaged in the recent winter storms so we've not been in the garden much. TDO has though and he found a toad!!

Friday, 18 April 2014

Get Yourself Together

Shortly after hitting publish on yesterday's post I realised I was minus an earring. Almost exactly two years to the day I lost the same one :( The jeweller who made them for our wedding has since retired.

Probably vanished in the chaos of Orin's epic mega tantrum yesterday. Phoned around but no joy. The search for diamond for the minecraft periodic table going in the wrong direction! Not sure the monthly insurance premium can sustain another claim related hike. For 95% of yesterday O was lovely. A delight even but those meltoutdowns are so hard to move on from.

Rather a cloud over the start to TDO's holiday. Reminding myself constantly that people are more important than things did little to shake the annoyance at myself. S & E made me a replacement one using a toy of S's in a beautiful gift box with a hand written card. I must be doing something right!

Had a most random strange dream last night that I was inside the dishwasher whilst it was on a wash cycle.

Today we have been to Horsham, a third trip of the week for me, only this time on the train, for the Italy festival with Ferraris and Scalectrix and all sorts. It was a little busy for O who just about held himself together til the train home.

I have a dress for the wedding we are going to in July. Now all I have to do is not wear it!

S & E are missing their friends as often happens during the school holidays.

E tried really hard to read a poster on the train home. 

Thursday, 17 April 2014

In Brazil

Last night turned into a spontaneous family movie night. A rewatch of Madagascar 3 after several of the streaming services decided not to play ball. It remains one of my best animations. Proper laugh out loud.

The eBay buyer came for E's Playmobil this morning. E has been planning what to spend the proceeds on. 

S & I tried to replicate the shop bought garlic herb pizza bread she is enjoying at the moment with huge success and a big thumbs up. Even the bubbles! It swallowed the whole morning though.....

Meanwhile our teenage sleepover visitor  downloaded the Minecraft mods E & O have been coveting for a while now - A Star Wars and a moon version.

When it came time to leave O didn't want to stop playing........

We arranged to meet half way at Secretts near Godalming to drop L, our visitor, home. There was an Easter trail of letters around the shop and courtyard which O insisted on completing exactly. We solved the anagram to be chocolate egg with seeing the "T" which O insisted we find, then he wanted to write all his own letters..........but the surfaces to lean on where not flat enough.....

Afterwards we had a drink. O held it together until the noise of the cafe distracted him from concentrating on his drawing, then he lost it big time..........It is only because I have had a nearly 5 year old boy before that I didn't have a meltdown too. This too shall pass.

In around an hour TDO will be home for 3 weeks out of the office - A sandwich holiday with a week in Sheffield in the middle of two weeks off.........

In Other News

Stampy Cat uploaded his new video "Pretty Kitty" an hour early yesterday. S, E and O have all watched in at various points along with half a million others! A phenomenon!