Friday, 29 April 2016

THD 24

It has been  / is being a THD today. That's our family short for Total Home Day which may or may not include pyjamas and is a phrase that has been adopted by lots of our friends

After the zoo yesterday E used some of the new pieces of lego we picked up at Pick A Brick in Brighton on Wednesday to make a spaceship. In the log cabin. On his own! For nearly an hour. He never plays on his own.

O is a whisker away from the end of Super Mario 3D world on the WiiU

E has had a least 3 IBS episodes since the zoo - Low FODMAPs picnic food is a challenge as are all the sweets and slushies that are on sale in such places -  I really wonder how we will get out of this. It feels like the more foods we eliminate the more crop up - 4 months without dairy........At least that was local and organic and cheap! 

S and O were really tired after the zoo and instead of stories we chatted. E and TD read Ruby Redfort

This morning E made a lego bioncle set following the instructions.

O and I did a page of the Minecraft maths colouring book he had for his birthday.

I've played some with E #QuickMumGetTheCamera when his mass reached 4747

We lost the war on clash of clans but have started another. E has calculated we could be a level 4 clan again by Christmas

The 7 koopalings S bought O for his birthday arrived today. S was really disappointed they didn't arrive in time for Sunday but actually they've made more impact today - They have been taking photos of them and playing hide and seek with them and taking some "Which Koopaling are you?" quizzes after S corrected the grammar and mis spellings in them!! And O worked out which questions would give you which answers

They have so much mario knowledge - game theory I think - Mario is definitely O's main project atm - S and O having the kind of day described by Weed on her blog only happens if I occupy E or his online friends come along

E has played some TF2 with friends - singing the Jones Barbeque and foot massage song from SSundee as I type 

All 4 of us watched the latest Yandere prequel, Fish Hater,  with lunch S says it gives her "All the feels" - YouTube videos have adverts in the middle now! I really enjoy the Sam Gladiator, Grian and Taurtis stories since we met them at Insomnia back in March

Some floor washing. laundry and hoovering for me as I've been out everyday this week

S and I have played some murder on MCPZ

It's a 3 day weekend and May arrives at the weekend. 2016 is #movingtoofast

Thursday, 28 April 2016

For the first time in around 5 years I organised a home ed event today involving money and people turning up on time and it went brilliantly :) Unlike Marwell Zoo where we went in February you need a minimum of 15 children for the Home Ed discount and we really wanted to go so - We saw several of our friends on the way there and the others were waiting in the car park. Turns out home edders can do early!

We've been to Drusilla's Zoo for a fraction of the usual price and had lots of fun. In hindsight we probably should have done the day in reverse as the play areas at Drusilla's are almost too good as the animals in the sunshine at the end was my best bit and we were very sad to hear that the baby sloth and its mother are at the vets as we were looking forward to seeing those but the sun shone and it didn't rain or snow and the trio has lots of friends there (21 children) 

In Other News

Stories last night were Emily the Strange and some Philosopher's Stone for O whilst we wait for the next Stitch Head book to arrive

If you'd like to read how S and O spent yesterday whilst E and I were in Brighton you can do so here

E and his friend E in the Hello Kitty Cars because you know YOLO!

S looked awesome today in her black, white and red outfit

Squirrel monkey in the tunnel above

We love merekats

Orin wanted to read all the signs

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

It's been a super wonderful 24 since yesterday's post with a lovely flow about it - Seem to be finding less and less time to blog atm - the last few entries have been really scrappy. Sy. It is such a fantastically useful record to look back on though an reluctant to stop. Have also completely lost my cross trainer mojo - haven't been on for 10 days :(

After football E and O resumed the Star Wars mod pack they had enjoyed before we left then just as O said he wanted to play more Super Mario 3D world a game of murder on MCPZ featuring a whole party of people we knew came together and E enjoyed that for about an hour or more as did S and I :) We were literally the whole game with our gang of home ed friends and parents. Murder isn't E's best game but he loves to be social so is prepared to compromise for the sake of having company. One of our friends is a VIP on the server so there is a chance you can play as their gamer tag :)

Flying solo so we sort of ate on the fly! I cake at football club and wasn't hungry til 7!

Then E and I watched a movie National Treasure (E said "Nicolas Cage? They nicked that from Hypixel!")  whilst S's friends the dragons came on line then I finished reading Stitch Head - The Beast of Grubbers Nubbin  (the first Stitch Head was O's book club book some months ago and he is happy to reread them) to O and some Emily Strange to S eventually falling asleep just after 10pm

Whilst I read to S she worked on a comic book using some pre printed pages - a comic about a chicken inspired by a strangely shaped cloud that she saw in the sky on the way home from football club.......

I don't blog so much about S these days - As my friend Nic said yesterday "It is less and less my journey now"

This morning S E and O all played the Star Wars mod pack via technic launcher together having a real laugh too then at 9am Weed arrived and it was my turn for a day out with E

It is great to have 1:1 with people who spend 90% of their waking hours together 

He had chosen Brighton which was cool as there was a train strike today - we chatted about why people strike and what it means and went on a tour of his best shops including the lego shop - then to the cinema where just as with the murder server last night we had the whole cinema to ourselves!!

We were going to nerf but it is still so cold we settled on the cinema

It was so much fun pretending to be celebrities at our own movie theatre and working out how much Private hire would have cost!

I don't think I've been to Brighton Odeon since I lived in Brighton over 20 years ago

We watched Kung Fu Panda 3 because we've already seen Zootropolis and Jungle Book

And rode the double decker bus and had loads of fun chatting and laughing - I read this yesterday - I remember reading it before O was born when E was 4

Home now  - going to get a picnic ready for the zoo tomorrow

I expect O to have finished Super Mario 3D world before he goes to bed tonight

Happiest of birthdays to my friend +Frank Maier  who has been reading this blog since the very start in 2011

Double decker selfies

Private cinema! Selfie!