Wednesday, 2 September 2015


Shortly after yesterday's post I had a leg wax, the best part of which is chatting with my friend P, who has been waxing my legs for 11 years this summer, since I  was pregnant with S.

S came and chatted to us for a while whilst O was happy playing the Wii sports game he borrowed from Grandma and Grandie. When he had finished he then set about making a Wii sports game in Minecraft.

E spent pretty much the whole time from when we arrived home until bed on Skype Minecraft with his friends. I did help E with another command blocks project this time to make guns and weapons but I wasn't as impressed as I was with the Red Engineer as I couldn't get the associated texture/mod pack to work - I think because it was on a realm.

More HPHBP at bedtime. 3 chapters read and only 5 remain. :) I was flying solo last night so we stayed up much later than we do when TD is home as he has to be up at 5am

More read aloud this late start of a morning another 5 chapters of "Howl's Moving Castle" for O and I whilst O played on some Technic Launcher mods, flipped through the latest lego club magazines and drew this lovely picture of he and I. "The hearts are because we love each other." We've spent so much 1:1 time this summer whilst S and E have been busy online with friends.

S did sit with us for a bit of HMC whilst she had her breakfast. "That is from Shakespeare. Hamlet." she said - and, of course, she was right. HMC also mentions mandrakes several times. A plant I previously thought had been made up by J K Rowling for Harry Potter and which we have recreated in Lego but no! They are real (and hallucinogenic!) Connections is where the real learning happens.

During home made pizza lunch (which everyone came together for) we talked about Halloween. 

Otherwise the regular 24 vibe of 2015 that lurches effortlessly from the profound to the mundane in a beat. From discovering the remains of  a long since spilled drink whose smell promotes nausea to researching the kinds of Minecraft server that can be played on using Technic Launcher for E (the boundaries of my current knowledge base for sure.) It's ever eclectic.

One of the servers E likes CosmicPVP resets tomorrow so today they were giving away loads of OP stuff which E thought was amazing. Initially he was really annoyed at the idea of losing all his stuff but an admin on the forum took time to explain to me why which I past on to E and I heard him telling his friend today "Well, a game of monopoly would be no fun if it went on forever."

Otherwise he seems to be liking Warlords and Cops and Crims on Hypixel and now 3 of his friends have servers as well as realms unsurprisingly he wants one too!

In Other News

We have watched a few classic Simpsons including See My Vest and Bleeding Gums Murphy and I remembered this time last year that Simpsons was a major project for O.

The wettest August on record has drawn to a close and the local schools return tomorrow.  I have been discussing swimming, cycling and returning to football club with the trio as the world opens up to us again but the best buy in I can manage is 2 out of 3 - although not always the same pair!

Check out all the diamond armour

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Feel Like Dancin'

TD made it home from the office dissertationing in time for us to have a little slice of rainy Bank Holiday afternoon. James Bond "Diamonds Are Forever" the background to making passata from the bumper harvest of allotment tomatoes and baking.

One of S's friends made this amazing parasol (using command blocks) on her Minecarft realm to go next to the swimming pool. It came up as the work of the Red Engineer who I recognised as the mastermind behind the endless rollercoaster command block project I helped E with last week so I investigated him a little further. Turns out he is 17. Amazing.

I helped O with a lego project in the log cabin for a while. "It's grey." my searching tip. I love how he counts out the studs. Meanwhile E was skype Minecrafting - he has a core group of around 6/7 friends now who seem used to each others ways and moves around cosmicpvp, Hypixel, his realm and the HE server with them.

2 chapters of HPHBP  :)

This morning I helped E work out how to salvage his weapons on Warlords a game he likes on the Minecraft server Hypixel.

Today we have been to my parents for lunch. Yes the now someone ironically titled gallivanters left the village! By 9:30am! Drawing and Wii and car washing - mostly things that happen at home, well not the car washing!

S has cut her hair. It looks really cool. I remember reading about how home educated Jaden Smith cut her hair when she was 10. S has been writing poems in her journal

I'm ready for a leg wax and then the Not Back to School Indian summer can commence :)

Monday, 31 August 2015

Not Giving In

Sunday afternoon was mellow and home based. The idea that we were "missing out" on a Bank Holiday with TD working was mine alone as the trio don't really view the world through that prism.

We played 2 rounds of Mario party 10 which I am really enjoying. I have read the captions out to E so many times he knows them now. It is basically a board game really just played via the platform of the WiiU

S has been playing Minecraft with online friends "the dragons" (a family of 3 boys who have connected gamer tags) but mostly on Technic Launcher with O using the LAN and various mod packs they like. This morning they have been driving golf buggies and Cadillacs and eating steak and chips! On one mod pack the cast of Adventure Time appeared. They've had two big chunks of play in the past 24 yesterday afternoon and this morning.

S gets lots of mod pack ideas from DanTDM and O likes his projects too - we read today he was the most watched YouTuber - I wonder if that is because O and I often have to watch the videos more than one to complete the projects properly!

More home made pizza and the final part of the Agatha Christie series we have enjoyed so much "Partners in Crime" wrapped up with another chapter of Harry Potter HBP.

E decided he wanted to change his Minecraft skin this morning and we had fun searching Skindex for James Bond, Skylanders, Mario characters and various other ideas - He typed in the box whilst I said the letters.....It's slow but steady.

It has rained pretty much all day today - It's been largely Minecraft with friends for E and together for S and O