Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Deep In It

Day 4 in the CP house and no one has been evicted. Yet!

O 5 remains the worst looking like something from Victorian England, his summer tan replaced by a shade of grey with sore eyes and mouth but his spirit is good despite this being the worse illness he has had since a stomach bug when he was 1 in 2010. In the bubbles of his aveedo (oat bath) he wrote "I love Mummy"

E had a major relapse last night, waking me after I had had 2 or so hours sleep so that in the end I was awake til 2am when I then slept fitfully with bonkers dreams about Yale! E woke with a fresh crop of spots on his torso this morning.

S and C decided not to go out today. S is bored and feeling neglected as i read to the boys in the bath and apply calamine to their sores. She and TDO watched a movie last night and today she has played Minecraft on the PC, Just Dance on the Wii and enjoyed YouTube clips of people exploding things in slow motion. Am hopeful she'll get to see her BFF tomorrow.

Thanks to C holding the fort I was able to pop to the local chemist for more supplies. The pharmasist told me the products I bought are flying off the shelves ...........

Sometime chef, sometime IT support desk, sometime gallivanter, usually a meal planner,  currently a nurse.

We won 5 desks for the Log Cabin on eBay last night for 99p - S has plans for her project workstation.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Ride On Time

We watched Maleficent when TDO arrived home last night - we've been waiting for it to come on streaming for a while. It was worth waiting for. Dolores Umbridge and special effects.

C came back from Edinburgh. She and S have gone to Arundel Castle today. A nearby destination that's easy on the train whilst I have stayed home with O and E.

E is much better, he regressed at bedtime last night frustrated he couldn't get comfy to sleep but none of his 4 spots are visible when he has clothes on and his energy levels have returned although he remains quarantined technically til Thursday he'd pass the nursery test! He did have a brief play with the neighbours several of whose siblings have CP too.

When O was having one of his many baths E looked at his torso and said "You look like Scaramanga." (from the book he and I are reading atm the Man with The Golden Gun.) O has CP in between his toes, on the palms of his hands, around his lips, on his eye lids - It's a contrast of the same condition.

O made himself and TDO on Minecraft last night and some hama bead minions. E and I made a hama bead over for his headphones to stop them tangling so much.

The super fireman came to replace a tile that slide off the roof this morning.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Wide Awake

Today I have read aloud a chapter of Opal Plumstead with S. (which I have to say is really good and is changing my opinion of JW)

Read some Tom Gates aloud to E whilst he sat in the bath this morning.

Read 5 or 6 Mr Men titles to O whilst he sat in the bath.

Read a couple of chapters of the first Percy Jackson to E and O on the sofa, ready for book club, whilst they made hama bead creations at my feet,

Reading aloud in the daytimes and reading a book to more than one person at once had been top of my A/W 14 Strewing Planning list but I didn't expect it to be bumped to the top so rapidly. And the reason? E and O have chicken pox. O has a lot more spots but is much more cheerful in himself. E only has 4 spots but reading back over the past week's blog posts it is clear now he was fighting off infection. Several times last week I used lethargic and tired.........

Today I've had cause to be hugely grateful for the 21st century and a delivery of Ocado groceries. I guess way back when people could have asked a neighbour to pick up an item or two but not the ten bags worth needed to feed a household of 6 for a few days......... (the suppressed appetite phase was over pretty fast!)

and the regression that was so impossible to handle when illness struck the trio a few years ago has been sort of nice in its own way too - singing lullabies, cuddling on the sofa taking me right back to newborn days.

And remembering how I love the blue paint in our front room matching my perfect sky colour through the windows - normally when the sky is such a colour I am out gallivanting.

And feeling supremely grateful for being the masters of our own destiny thanks to home education - not wondering how healthy siblings might get to the school run - or even having to run at all! Or wondering whose career will suffer by taking unscheduled time off work because I am here already - Or feeling the pressure of attendance figures and wondering whether we have a permitted illness under the new rules. These new guidelines caused outrage in Wales last week and would mean O would be back at school on Wednesday.

C comes back from Edinburgh later. S is amending her welcome banner! Am hoping she'll be able to take S, who is perfectly fine and had chicken pox when I was pregnant with O, out and about a bit this week.

All in all not the kind of blog post I expected to write today at all.

In Other News

Dropped my earring back this morning. Searched for it for a while as I heard it hit the ground and couldn't find it so decided to play lego star wars with Et.
Found earring back next to a Lego clone.

Listed some items on eBay