Sunday, 21 December 2014

Love is Gonna Lift You Up

Yesterday's GP show was epic. Then there was a Saturday Night Family movie in the shape of "Jingle All The Way." We talked about how the main actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger  was once a body builder and a former governor of California. Sapphire recognised the voice of Troy Mclure from The Simpsons straight away. I had to check on IMDB.

Today E 8 and I played nerf at the, rather chilly,  park whilst S and TDO did some more work on the Emily's bedroom project in the cabin. E got chatting to a Dad we have met before about nerf and I was, once again, blown away by his knowledge about the guns. 

O 5 discovered he finally fits into his batman suit - "I love dressing up. You can be anyone." he declared.

Whilst we were listening to GP E said "What is this music? It sounds like Bleeding Gums Murphy."

But the biggest news of today is the need to write to our MPs again about Home Education - A reminder of the Badman review back in 2009 which broke records in parliamentary lobbying. The thing that makes me maddest of all about the constant suggestion that "unknown" children are in danger is how it ignores the daily feed of news which tells us that "known" children are not safe from being sellotaped to chairs by teachers or abused by cancer doctors. 

Fortunately our local MP is aware of Home Ed and was extremely supportive during the Badman Review back in 2009. There are lots of home educators in our area. Latest estimates suggest up to 500 in West Sussex.  It feels a little sneaky though scheduling a debate at such short notice.

Saturday, 20 December 2014

A Jazzy Christmas

We watched "Muppet's Most Wanted" in front of the fire with O's homemade vintage chocolate chip cookies* last night. We've seen it before but some of the jokes were funny 2nd hand and I do love the retro charm of the Muppets.

Today there has been more work on the "My Froggy Stuff" inspired American Girl bedroom project down in the log cabin. Sawing and painting. TDO has put the giant magnet boards we bought at Ikea back in September on the wall in the cabin and Orin (5) christened them with the sentence "Sexy Woman Likes to TOot" (all spelt correctly :))

E (8) and I took some things to our favourite charity shop Script this morning including the JD bug blue bike. Gifted to S when it was already pre-loved in 2006 or 7 it has been part of our family for a long time and was E's best thing for a year or more. Many journeys I carried it home whilst also pushing two children in a pram and it felt so heavy. It looked really tiny stood up against the wall. I am sure it will be loved again. 

In the car we talked about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Heroes and how they are named after the Renaissance Italian  painters LeonardoRaphaelDonatelloMichelangelo and how they were a comic then a cartoon before a TV series and  how in other countries they have different names because the word mutant is considered offensive and how words like retard and remedial used to be part of everyday language but are now worse than swearing. Through the Ninja connection we then started talking about Lego Ninjago and the story of the character Zane who mediates under water and how Orin has been holding his breath under water in the bath and I mentioned I'd seen a headline for a Ted talk about David Blaine breaking the world record and holding is breath for 17 minutes.......We have great chats in the car. And I've almost forgotten the traffic chaos David Blaine caused me 12 or more years ago each day on my way to work.

I was keen to go for a beach walk today and maybe take the bikes but E wasn't up for it and news that the A27 was closed sealed the home day deal. I have been for a walk though.

*Link on recipes page

Friday, 19 December 2014

The Hush

First ever log blog post from the cabin! We've lived in Pulborough 11 years this beautiful blue sky day.

I'm here with a cat and another looking to come in and have just finished wrapping up Christmas whilst J, our teenage helper, takes charge in the house. It is so peaceful. 

Last night's #homeedhour on Twitter was one of the busiest yet. It's amazing how a simple idea has really taken off. Not just parents but companies and authors joining in too. Many of the people find the politics and time suck of the large FB groups a drag but still want to be social and discover special offers and new blogs etc and best of all its transparent so spreading the word and showing what a diverse bunch home educators are. We talked twins, working and home educating and many people shared photos of their book shelves.

S is deep in Doctor Who atm searching out old episodes to join up story and character plots. I managed to watch some with her this morning.

Been talking about how Christmas emerged from the solstice and Saturnalia into the hybrid religious commercial festival it is today and the disparate origins of the various traditions.