Saturday, 25 April 2015

Back home. Back in the 3pm groove. The return to the nest * greeted by a cheer yesterday - The trio so happy to be home to updates on Mario Kart 8 and to Skyping and Minecrafting and the new Skylanders and crafting and soap making and card making and catching up on YouTubing. I love that they love our home. The cats are happy too I think.

* I love the tags comment in the link

Starting to get excited about the Doctor Who Studio tour coming up

We watched 'Night at The Museum 3' as a Family Movie Night last night - It was perfect for the moment although S (10) and O (6) pointed out that the parts of The British Museum that weren't really and it was rather bitter sweet to see Robin Williams being so cool in what must have been once of his last films.

My parents have been today for cake and candles and fizz for Orin's 6 celebrations now rolling into their 3rd day! Lego Star Wars theme continues and a plant we bought around 12 years ago appears to have flowered for the first time this spring.

Chocolate brownies and home made pizza and after holidays I am reminded what a huge chunk of time from scratch cooking takes.

Beautiful spring bouquet from Weed
 A new white Dicentra from Hinton Ampner yesterday below and the chocolate climber we bought 12 years ago above flowers for the first time. Maybe I'll feel like this when E reads..........Maybe!

 S is playing this cool mod pack on Minecraft with Harley Quinn dressing up

Mos Eisley Cantina joins the Lego Jabba's Palace, Death Star and Boba's Slave 1

GoldenEt loves his 007 Tshirt and his hair is looking very golden following 4 days sun

Friday, 24 April 2015

Center Parcs Plaza in Minecraft

The birthday boy, aka O (6) missed Minecraft whilst we were at Center Parcs so he decided to build the Plaza swimming area and our villa in Minecraft - I love the choice of goggle helmets and the green slide :)

The first clip is a short video in which he explains his build

Our rug in the villa was these exact colours


O is 6 today and we're home from a short family holiday. Our 6th visit to Center Parcs Longleat where there has been: (in no particular order of importance or significance) Cludeo, monopoly, cards,  cycling, swimming  outside everyday, amazing weather, Quad biking (S) and laser guns (TDO and E)

For the first three days we didn't see a cloud .............easily our best ever weather trip so much more fun in crocs than taking an extra locker for wellies.

E and I had a morning in nearby Frome whilst O and TD built Boba Slave 1 together and S and E did the rapids and slides totally on their own this time leaving me alone in the hot outdoor bubble pool in the sunshine for some big chunks of time.  E also made some friends as there were decent numbers of older children around on this visit. We resisted the temptation to ask them why they weren't at school ;-)

We had some great family movie nights "Howls Moving Castle", "The Witches," "Pacific Rim," and "Lemony Snicket: Series of Unfortunate Events" so we called the stray cat that came to visit Snicket - We also saw deer, ducks, rabbits, squirrels........

The trio missed WiFi - skyping their friends and Mincraft and the WiiU and the cats - they really are very home focused - they were so excited to arrive home today -  but it was nice from my perspective to watch movies together rather than personal YouTubing and to have a break from laundry and cooking but even though I've tried hard I can't get to like DubStep!

"Thank-You come again"

Building Boba Slave 1

Birthday breakfast of Krispy Kremes

The sky was this colour pretty much the whole time
TD and E had camo paint for Laser guns this time
A lovely Center Parcs member of staff stopped to take a photo of S and O and I

 The little stray S and E called Snicket