Friday, 25 July 2014

We Travel The Space Ways

The rest of Learn Nothing Day was relatively successful - I learnt some time ago that, as an unschooler, it is too much to judge a whole day as good or bad and that it is better to think moment to moment. There were definitely moments of unlearning - screwed up wet towels not drying well for example ;-)

Today S and O woke up late again and my plan of early library and local weekend errands before taking lunch to the beach hut was derailed meaning it was lunch time before we had completed our errands and lunch for some was breakfast for others.

I posted on our local group forum that I was unprepared for the skool holidays hibernate this year. The house is way too messy for me to relax in and the usual down turn in the weather that has in recent years accompanied the end of term hasn't happened this year and the beach is calling as the answer to the humidity. We have some beach hut days organised next week. I cleared up one of the Lego Zones early doors this morning and sweated for an hour or so afterwards.........

It is frustrating though reconciling the desires of those who want to stay home and those who want to go out. E is annoyed there are no neighbourhood kids hanging around as it had hoped there might be.

We are going to a wedding tomorrow at my university. I haven't been back there since I gradated 20 years ago, so S decided that we should play spas. It was rather nice relaxing with cucumber slices on my eyes :)

Server minecraft, Just Dance, tablet chess and S was the first person in our local, Pulborough, library to finish the summer reading challenge moving on to board 3 this morning and collecting her medal. It was so busy in the library and at the shops. Several people looked at me sympathetically and said "Only 6 more weeks..............."

Apparently it might thunder later.

Thursday, 24 July 2014


It's Learn Nothing Day today. A holiday for Unschoolers. We watched some of the James Bond movie "Casino Royale" before bed, thanks to TDO's magic fixing the stora wand, and finished it this morning. Felt like a decadent start to the day.

The 4th learn nothing day recorded on this blog

I refused to Google any movie related questions ............ It is a holiday after all!

First we had to collect TDOs bike from Storrington - unlike yesterday there were no complaints!

Then we headed to our local park 7 families 17 kids. S in her element with most of her BFFs making loom bands in the shade and playing stuck in the mud in the sun.

Et had his outfit laid out since yesterday - He was sad his BFFs couldn't make it but lots of other friends came and we ran into a local school boy E enjoyed playing with some months ago and has been keen to bump into again.

It's been warm again. Did anyone forecast this BBQ summer?

Today I learned from O 

"If you feel sick on the tyre  swing just swallow it back down and it goes away."


from S who invented loom bands and the story behind them

It was wonderful at the park, really mellow. I often grumble when it all goes wrong and sometimes keeping 3 children simultaneously happy seems too much for me but when it goes right it is wonderful.

It really is beach weather but I fear it might be too busy for me to handle solo

E and O's skins did this weird thing on server minecraft last night where they sort of merged into one

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Quiet Storm

A day 1:1 takes some reequilibriating from as the various grooves are reestablished. Last night E and I went to the allotment to water. It took everyone ages to fall to sleep due to the heat / light especially as I tried and failed for nearly an hour to get Casino Royale to play! (inspired by the Museum visit where a clip was playing) before settling on Tron 2 and consequently E had already been shopping with Grandma when I had to wake S and O to drop off TDO's bike for a service. 

We would have happily continued to the beach hut but with some making the journey in Pyjamas and it being the first day of skool holidays and with O rocking a golf ball size bruise on his forehead  we returned home to the sanctuary of the  garden for drawing and nerf guns and 3 or 4 hours of Minecraft for S who was keen to finish the projects she and O started yesterday.

TDO's bike will not be ready until tomorrow which might make Learn Nothing Day tricky. I did ask if I could collect it Friday!

I seem to have started drinking coffee in the afternoons.

Franchi Seeds Beans from the allotment going into tonight's Spanish Omelette
 O worked on this mega wall paper drawing in the garden on and off all day. The hedge was trimmed at the weekend and the patio deweeded yesterday. I seem to be hiding outside to avoid the mess inside.

 hose action at the allotment

 Sitting down to "Hit The Target" we drew around Et on the fence a la Golden Eye - S is sporting the camo binoculars E chose for her at the Imperial War Museum yesterday.