Monday, 8 February 2016

Turn Me Out

Turn Me Out

The Gallivanters Blog celebrates half a decade of posting this week - around 10 of the 1825 possible posts are missing due to WiFiless holidays but otherwise it is a pretty complete daily record of my experience as a Mother of three children and their life learning without school. Especially for O who was one at the start and turns 7 in April. For S is pretty much covers the years she would have spent in Primary School.

2014 (Minecraft was there then too!)

2015 when the blog turned 4

We wrapped up holiday with some lego for E and O (clearing off the base plates ready to make a new base and sorting out the grey lego and a Bowser Castle Mario Level in lego mode respectively)  followed by a YouTube night with MLG Thomas the Tank Engine and a Hermone vs Katniss and a build off with two YouTubers S likes Grian and SamGladiator and some DanTDM from O including a neat surgeon one  - a pretty good snapshot of current interests.

Sometimes journal ling this kind of thing feels pretty trivial but it's so great to look back on and I'd forget it for sure if I didn't make a note.

S has finished the third Hunger Games book in the series, MockingJay- she started the first one on the way to Center Parcs a week ago today. They are pretty thick!

Made it back on the cross trainer after a 10 day break. 30 minutes before 7am

E did "Toe to Toe" for 5 minutes - it is very fascinating watching him on Minecraft, Skype, CosmicPVP, JediCraft and clash of Clans and seeing the "big" words he does know and can type and recognise in comparison to the small words he doesn't. E has a new friend on Cosmic he seems to have connected with.

Then there was a  Lego Storm Troopers game - My job to make sure they were  fitted with hands - really windy sounded like a cat meowing outside the log cabin

After lunch O asked for help finding a DanTDM More TNT mode on Technic Launcher with S and he's been on it since

I had thought we might have gone to Worthing today - then I saw the weather forecast for Storm Imogen and later the pictures around the beach hut!

E has the doctors tomorrow - a month without dairy and a dyslexia test later - it's probably been the most challenging month of his whole life! I have the assessment and stool diary printed out ready to take.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

S wrote an article about the person she most admires last night. 200 words. She is asking for more such activities.

E wore some brand new navy blue shorts yesterday and the colour transferred onto his skin. He called for me from the bathroom in a real panic until we realized what had happened

Somehow we landed up playing a spontaneous game of charades last night!  With new 21st century categories eg YouTube added to the old book and film faithfuls.

Finished reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid Cabin Fever to E and O last night. We watched lots of movies recently and it was a refreshing change. Also read some time travelling with a hamster to S and O.

TD crashed out really early with a cold. Not what you need to go back to work with

This morning E and O nerfed and legoed whilst TD painted and S wrote a book review and did a maths test / quiz and some more creative writing she'd asked me specifically to suggest.

Otherwise there has been the usual CosmicPVP/Realm/Mineswine/Hypixel for E and S has made some fruit smoothies and scoped out a Valentines Menu for TD and I for next weekend

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Inner City Life

Back in the home groove

Lots of Minecraft for E and O with various friends. E on his Realm which is currently a Clash of Clans world with friends C and P and on the updated Hypixel games Super Smash Heroes and Cops and Crims and O on his friend E's server. Amazing to think he's formed such a friendship as a result of a Doctor Who walking tour 4 months ago.

For most people holidays are a major change of groove with parents and children together but for us the main change is that TD has to go to the office and get up early on Monday

That leaves responsibility for shifting gears mostly up to me which last night The Thomas Crown Affair distracted me from!

A few laundry shaped errands this morning then I watched Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 with S who has been feeling left out and TD as it is heavily referenced in the Sam Gladiator YouTube series S enjoys - it was unexpectedly hilarious.

S is asking for more structured work......

The cats have been pretty funny since we got home.