Friday, 29 August 2014

Not Back to School

Today has been the 5th Annual Not Back to School Picnic organised by us at our local park. 10 families came - 10 adults and around 30 children.

It was pouring with rain when we left home but the rain held off and we managed nearly 3 hours outside with the park pretty much to ourselves.

A welcome uplift to the continual back to school vibe out there.

E had fun nerf gunning with his friends and when we arrived home a new to us Nerf gun Wii game was on the mat.                                                                                                        

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Do The Bart Man

I really love the ideas that form the backbone of Project Based Homeschooling and, for S and O, it works really well as a frame of reference.

And, whilst I support my children 24/7, sometimes it is only in hindsight I realise there is a major project going on! And so it is today with Bart Simpson.

O made a Bart in Fimo this afternoon and, whilst I was taking him out of the oven, I noticed two Barts on the fridge and the one on the big blackboard and remembered the Hama Bead and Minecraft Barts.............

Orin (who was 5 in late April) has equal access to: pencils, chalks, Minecraft, Fimo and Hama beads :) The photos below are exclusively his own work

Feel Like Jumping

Love this track.................makes me feel like jumping even when I don't!

A bit of an itty bitty out of focus to journal 24 in some ways........

E wanted to make a Fimo Bart Simpson - we didn't have enough yellow Fimo so I ordered some - it just arrived.

Reading aloud more "Forever Rose" to S when there was a knock at the  door by the time I had dealt with it she had lost interest and the moment past.

Just sit down to eat my sandwich and a bottom needs wiping.... I dream of discrete intervals dealing with each child 1:1 in a tidy kitchen but 10 years on that remains a pipe dream!

S has shown me a few projects she's like to tackle based on YouTube channels she likes (Nerdy Nummies, Pop Sugar and My Froggy Stuff) they are soooooo ambitious and the famous youtubers completely omit the filming of the crucial steps - wondering how to move forward. One clip makes a cookie to hold milk - it is really cute but there is no mention of how you remove the cookie shaped cup from the baking tin..............Do we roll with it and deal with the mess or.........I've bought the ingredients!

Another broken night's sleep for me - at 3am E asked me to help him get back to sleep - am pleased we shook up the sleeping arrangements now giving everyone a while to adjust.

Promised E we'd go out today, take the bikes to the beach hut and cycle along the sea front to the arcade he likes, as we've had 3 THDs this week but woke up with suspected conjunctivitis meaning I had to wear my glasses and didn't fancy driving in them. To my relief I've realised I have a stye which, whilst really painful, is not contagious - phew! Hence the reference to out of focus at the start of this post.

Did pop out very briefly to the park with E and O and we found our first conker of 2014 - signs of Autumn.

It's the Not Back to School Picnic tomorrow - first time in a week for the trio to see their friends and our 5 th annual NBTSP - They were started in 2009 as a protest to the Badman Review and have continued since. I think the children with the option to start school this September would not have been born at the time of the Badman Review. There's background on here.

Filling up the holiday strewing box for our Center Parcs gallivant next week - new tape measures (E and O love snap back tape measures!?) and Simpson's jigsaw and a Simpson's trivia book with 3 levels of question (Homer = easy, Marge = middle and Lisa = hard) which S and I used all our will power to pack away til next week.

The Simpsons has been a big project theme for us this year. Watching the episodes, drawing and colouring and collecting the lego mini figures, making the house in lego, O creating the family in Minecraft - sort of overlooping and interlapping the simultaneous Minecraft and Lego projects and interest led passions.

 These books are soooooo good

 Went for a 7.5m one