Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Lose Yourself To Dance

We've been swimming today. In the school holidays! E has been keen to try out the big slide at Horsham for some time now and it is not open during term time. We haven't been swimming since the poo incident at Spectrum back in January!

My assertion that places are busier in the holidays is no longer enough. There comes a point when you need to find things out for yourself. We arrived early and found a place to park but by the time we left there was an epic queue!

The desire to live a counter cyclical life is driven by me as a way of coping with living in an overpopulated part of the country. I am aware of freakanomics and know that soon the allure of the nightclub with the queue trailing around the block will be greater than that of the one that is empty. (Even if it does have a place to sit down) Ditto the restaurant of that is impossible to book a table at....

In the event E climbed to the top of the slide and changed his mind. Memories of needing 3 trips to Legoland before he would try Star Wars mini land despite adoring Star Wars Lego. In fact the first time we went he didn't go on a single ride preferring the scale builds of iconic architecture.

It was beautiful outside in the sun. Swimming outside in West Sussex ;-) for the first 20 minutes or so but then became pretty busy. We gave our parking space complete with ticket to a harassed looking Mum who seemed overwhelmed. I try hard to model kindness to the trio.

O 4 stayed home with Grandma and played minecraft and painted rocks in the garden. He's been finding stones that look like R2D2 from Star Wars for months and waiting for a sunny day to paint them outside.

Hope via Script, a house clearance charity (thrift) store near us, where we struck lucky with a shelf unit for E's room for him to display his lego MOCs and a desk so the garden table can return to the garden! Turns out the desk has a secret draw in which we found a receipt from 1981! Exciting. And a lockable drawer with the key. I love Script - When we fancy a move around we can take it all back and recycle it! The desk also had a dice game in the draw that the trio are playing with Gran outside right now!

Last night O and I read another of the Robots and planets series. There are 9 books as they are old and written when people still thought Pluto was a major player. S & E went with TDO for evening allotment watering, the elusive third leg of the day is back on the agenda.

In and around it all there has been the usual backdrop of minecraft and Stampylongnose clips :)

Monday, 14 April 2014

Hot Music

A neat 24.

S and I have been to Horsham this morning whilst E & O stayed home with Weed. We took in the Museum, the library and several shops. Returned some items and organised new mobile phones for TDO & I to collect Friday. Gadget Heaven. S had complained she had exhausted all her reading material yesterday so seemed like the perfect opportunity as Horsham library has a really well stocked teens area, found a few space robot books for O. Hoped to pick up some more gem and mineral specimens for our Minecraft periodic table project. S found a few but they had a new delivery waiting to be unpacked. We'll return on Friday. Forgot to mention how great the DK Rocks & Minerals book is. Sapphire loves the Sapphire page! As a consequence we discovered that one of S's first ever toys - a birthstone rattle - is made of Obsidian! Connections!

Antiques Roadshow last night. Fell asleep listening to Stampy for O and woke up to E listening to Stampy. E presented me with a youtube screen from a minecraft instructional video and asked me to read the words and help him on Minecraft this morning. It's neat when we collaborate on such projects. We couldn't get the ender vest to work or the photo frame (which looked really cool) - Upon investigation it transpired not to be the instructional video we had hoped for but rather a fan's aspiration rather than something which was actually possible! D'oh!

TDO is a whole new colour after 3 hours cycling with E and 3 or 4 hours at the allotment yestersunnday.

The pesky boy cat bought home a newt this afternoon and in the chaos that was trying to rescue it the newt slid under the door to the very room where we had penned the wild beast! FFS cat! They are endangered!

Otherwise S decided to decorate eggs. The boys saw what she was doing and left their game to join in. I am anticipating Minecraft themed eggs!

The Facebook page I set up for Edyourself has made it to another likes milestone. There can not be many home educators on facebook who haven't liked that page!

S is keen to swim tomorrow.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Man! There's been some hard moments in the past 24.  A reminder of the infamous Spinning Plates posts of 2011. 3 years ago.

Saturday night supper was lasagne. It's a pretty major meal undertaking in terms of man hours; it's TDO's favorite. Seated to eat and O goes bonkers because he didn't want lasagne. Mine was stone cold by the time I sat down.

E's had a few moments too. As I'd been basking in the sunshine glow of shady corners turned.

S has been seriously grumpy at points. Striking the stroppy & arms folded pose and hard to connect with. Chocolate milkshake seemed to help. Not enough protein in the diet is my amateur analysis.

Early this morning, when most were sleeping, I tackled a long overdue pile of banking. Overdue because I messed up the passcode a while back and had to wait 2 weeks for a new one. Once I'd found my phone for the OTP codes I'd been logged off. I was needed several more times for hard to find items and bottom wiping duties til I'd been gone from the PC so long someone else was using it! Over 3 months ago someone came to fit a new electricity meter in the house and couldn't and we've heard nothing since........Domestic paperwork is not my strong suit! The constant interruptions, even after 10 years, wear me down sometimes.

I fear the basic issue might be that I'm bored off being second best to Stampylongnose and finding it increasingly hard to thing of attractive alternatives! I can hear his voice right now. Times three!

In the interests of balance there have been some high highs too.

E and TDO had 3 hours fast paced cycling on the downs link track whilst S & O and I went to the park after watching Judy Moody this morning. Their first bike ride of the season.

TDO & I watched a Denzel Washington movie, Safe House, last night. Alone! I've been a Denzel fan a long time. The trio and I watched a movie called Fantastic Force which despite its terrible reviews they really enjoyed.

TDO has spent the afternoon at the allotment - I took the boys over for the glory that is dropping the seeds into the pre-prepared soil :) The allotment plot looks awesome.

Like deschooling I need to deweekend. There is no perceptible change in my workload. I think it's an expectations vs reality thing! Everyone has apologised and we are all Happy Campers again but.......average.....you know I am okay with average!

In 4 sleeps TDO has 3 weeks out of the offiec - A sort of sandwich holiday. A bread of a week off for Easter and O's 5th Birthday then a meat of a week in Sheffield MSC course followed by a bread week of Spring Bank Holiday.............