Friday, 21 November 2014

20/20 Vision

We over-indulged in home made lasagne and chocolate brownies for TDO's birthday and watched Ice Age 3 whilst chatting about our zoo day and unwrapping gifts last night.

E and I both woke up circa 1am with high cheese  consumption induced bonkers dreams!

Mellow home morning in which I ordered a new washing machine as the old one finally died.

Teenage J has taken E to the park for nerf fun. 2 Hours! Amazing. There is no way I could last that long. It's brilliant to have a stunt double. He reminds me of me babysitting at that age far more interested in the children than the parents which is exactly why children like him! Like E he is still rocking a T-Shirt in November.

The cats checked out the cabin today - Weather permitting the floor goes down this weekend.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Come With Me

Sapphire 10 had a blast at her second youth club last night. They had to cut chocolate with a knife (whilst wearing huge gloves and a scarf) and also decorated T-Shirts the theme of Anti-Bullying week (which is this week.) Once again she was buzzing when she arrived home. The Youth Club Christmas outing clashes with the Home Ed Christmas Disco! Can you believe it!

When Youth Club finishes it is Scouts from 7-9pm and I recogonised a few faces from when S was a newborn 10 years ago. I didn't last long with the local mum groups finding La Leche League pretty soon - There was too much talk of "back" for me - Getting your figure "back" or your evenings "Back" - A few short years on and said evenings are being spent in a cold car park! 

Read to O 5 for ages in bed last night. The upside of colder / darker evenings.

Using the wonderful internet we found a cheat fix for the washing machine control panel............

Today we have been to Marwell Zoo. O's choice. The car started and it didn't rain. We've seen snakes and lizards and crocodiles and zebras and merekats and frogs and .............ocelots tigers and and my high light was the snow leopards. They were newborn cubs when we last visited in 2013 and it was gorgeous to see them playing. My trio have gotten on really well today. A nice family groove. Spending time meeting the need for contact with people older than herself seems to be really helping S bond with O.

It was great to be outside for the first time in so long that the autumn shoes I bought E are already looking 'snug' despite having been hardly worn! Since our Center Parcs holiday at the end of September we've hardly been swimming or cycling at all - illness of course - but it felt good to be active again. Aside from E falling over it has been great to gallivant again. He was funny though - he fell over right by the leopards and the first thing he asked was if they would be okay with the smell of blood! He would have probably been okay skin wise were he not still wearing shorts and T-Shirts.

It seemed expensive initially to enter Marwell today but the lack of other customers (term time week day) meant that the staff really stood out and made it clear what a major operation running the wildlife park is.

It's TDO's birthday today. 42. A staggered celebration taking in the weekend as were S and E's making November even more of a birthday month!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Love is Gonna

I am bringing together my review of 2014 atm and loving looking back through all the allotment photos, lego creations, O's drawings and our many many days out.

The car is working. Whilst Weed was here this morning I took it for a drive for 40 minutes or so and I think it will be cool for Marwell take two tomorrow.

With Weed's help I hoovered the whole house this morning. Feeling really cool about a tidy (relatively) house then the washing machine starts flashing and won't stop! I've googled it and it sounds like the main control panel is katput! (technical term)  FFS!

S is engrossed in Sims 4 and is now married with a baby whilst E and O are in Vegas!

Lots of Minecraft for E and O this morning sandwiched with Lego and Nerf in the garden.

No hair trims last night as our hairdresser couldn't make it. I tried to persuade E to come to a salon with me as he needed a fringe trim before chicken pox and that was a month ago but he wasn't at all keen to try out something new.

O and I are enjoying racing on these Krazy Dad mazes

Feel The Fear has arrived - Birthday Eve reading for TDO

Reading Artemis Fowl graphic novel with E and O is making a rhythm of reading to me in the mornings when he first wakes up which I am loving.