Friday, 19 December 2014

The Hush

First ever log blog post from the cabin! We've lived in Pulborough 11 years this beautiful blue sky day.

I'm here with a cat and another looking to come in and have just finished wrapping up Christmas whilst J, our teenage helper, takes charge in the house. It is so peaceful. 

Last night's #homeedhour on Twitter was one of the busiest yet. It's amazing how a simple idea has really taken off. Not just parents but companies and authors joining in too. Many of the people find the politics and time suck of the large FB groups a drag but still want to be social and discover special offers and new blogs etc and best of all its transparent so spreading the word and showing what a diverse bunch home educators are. We talked twins, working and home educating and many people shared photos of their book shelves.

S is deep in Doctor Who atm searching out old episodes to join up story and character plots. I managed to watch some with her this morning.

Been talking about how Christmas emerged from the solstice and Saturnalia into the hybrid religious commercial festival it is today and the disparate origins of the various traditions.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Let It Go

There can be only one song for this - although E wants to know why the DJ instructed only the girls to sing! Without doubt the anthem of Xmas 2014!

Home Ed disco was a fab, if intense, 2 or 3 hours! I was on drinks (cocktails) serving and mixing whilst J, our teenage helper, supervised the trio and TDO was on closing car park duty head torch and all!

The cocktails were very popular and it was lovely to meet so many new home ed children.

S was gutted her BFF was sick but still danced for the whole 2 hours to a much better DJ  than last year.

Late home and hungry but O was so inspired by a friend's hama bead create on a Christmas card that he had to make one of his own straight away! Late night learning.

Today has been a Home Day waiting in for a parcel in and around winter faves: Cards, Lego, Minecraft, reading stories, baking cookies, making carrot soup, bolgnasie, pear crumble, Doctor Who......... The high level of productivity due to waking up at 3am and embarking on a cookathon. The kitchen clock stopped today at 5:45am and it was an hour before I noticed, whilst I was cooking the batteries on the scales expired too.

Finally resolution in sight for S's teeth......Woo Hoo! Might even be sorted before 2015

We've been to Panto, had hair trims, waxes, the disco, the tree is up, Youth Club is finished til 2015, I've written the end of year is so busy everywhere I think few might stay home for a few days more.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Bob Otto

Haven't blogged what we are reading for ages. O's bedtime stories are a mix of Lego Star Wars and a series of vintage ladybirds which he likes on rotation. E is still enjoying the latest Ruby Redfort with TDO. I read a chapter last night as I was flying solo. 

This afternoon is the Home Ed Christmas disco, last night, in preparation, we had a session on Wii Just Dance.

Weed has been here for 3 hours this morning playing: Lego, Minecraft and Nerf with E and O whilst I went for a big walk, completed the last ironing I hope of 2014 and loaded up the car with the disco drinks. Everyone I ran into said "Where are your children?"

E likes to quick fire question me at the moment "What are your 3 best meals / films / songs? - Which two nerf guns would you choose in a war? - Would you rather stand on one leg all day or sit in a bath of custard? As soon as you have answered he is ready with the next one!!

See you tomorrow with a party update. We are on cocktail and car park duties.