Friday, 9 October 2015


Newly published "Little Stars" and the latest Lemony Snicket "Why is this Night different from all the other nights?" arrived yesterday at 7:45pm in time to be S and E's bed time stories - Autumn is a lovely time for book lovers with many new titles published and dark evenings in which to read them - whilst O and I read 5 more Charlie and the Chocolate Factory chapters. O read to me again this morning too :) Something I (and he) am (are) getting right........

S has pretty much finished reading Little Stars. - She must have read over a thousand pages of fiction this week.

Today has been an OrSam day coinciding with TD's AWW - O's friend S has been on holiday for 3 weeks so we haven't had one in a while but E's first without simultaneous teenager J time - that and the loss of electrical power whilst TD replaced our broken shower unit with a new one was too much for E this morning.....................................

O and friend S had 3 hours solid Lego! They are great together.

S's mobile phone is up and working

O's been helping TD plant some Autumn colour in the garden - the summer sunshine sails are down

Aside from sleep and reading at bedtime it's been all about Minecraft online for E

Thursday, 8 October 2015


There's a tweet that goes around periodically something like

"My confidence in my ability to home ed is directly linked to my menstrual cycle"

and so after a blip like yesterday it is lovely to have the comfort blanket of the blog to look back on and remind me I am capable of good stuff!

In 2011 S and E surprised us when they wore each others clothes and made masks of their faces and O drew this fabulous fireworks last year and in 2013 S and I went to meet Caroline Lawrence author of the Roman Mysteries in Guildford and Caroline Lawrence commented on our blog about the first ever book club  and way back before this blog started in 2009 S was at Explore Learning in Chichester........

TD returned home from work last night with the news that is office is relocating to Staines. Only 9 miles from his present location but 9 of the most congested miles skirting the M25 has to offer. Hopefully the extra 18 miles per day is only til Christmas.

S remained in a strange mood til just before sleep really when she and O were hugging and saying they loved each other. He seemed to have forgiven and forgotten the whole swimming thing it an way that reminds me I don't have siblings!

E and TD re-read "Shouldn't You Be In School" in anticipation of the latest instalment arriving today and O and I a chunk more of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We started reading at 8pm again to establish a new shorter days groove and support TD in his early starts.

We've landed up having a home day today which for me has mainly been about intense online frustrations with a nice punctuation mark of seeing Weed for coffee in the middle.

E's been playing on Skywars on Hypixel last night and this morning with friends A and A and C. Last night was very positive with lots of laughing and this morning started out that way looking at command blocks with me then moving on to play with friends until he got a bit carried away raiding bases on CosmicPVP - I helped him set things right. It''s very disappointing / unsurprising how often these outbursts coincide with E failing to realise that he is actually desperate for a poo. You can easily over analyse the behaviour then suddenly you see he just needed the loo! Mostly I try and role model how to put things right when you mess up instead of my old approach which was to hope he'd never mess up in the first place!!

I made a purchase on the cosmic website for E a few days ago that still hasn't shown on his account and every time I submit a help form it crashes my PC.........that's driven me a bit nuts today!

O read to me last night and this morning. He's really getting it :) It's a delight.

S and O played Minecraft together this morning with an online friend of S's doing horse jumping and then acting out a role play of frozen which meant O needed to change his skin to be Olaf in the play - Those friggin' Mojang security questions. Everytime I have to reset them - every time it says they are wrong! Sorted it eventually but .........IT Support desk in action.........

S's new mobile phone arrived just before Weed she was excited to set it up but so far it is proving a lot more complicated than we expected..........atm I'm stuck on a website ring road in setting it up.

Whilst Weed was here E fell down the stairs and as she left S had a nosebleed. O was delighted to see her and suggested lego in the log cabin straight away!

I found a window this morning to organise a rota for winter book club.

A 3 day weekend begins when TD arrives home in a few hours

Wednesday, 7 October 2015


Flying solo last night. O decided he wanted to make a Lego Bowser Jnr but S and E were happily engaged inside on skype / minecraft so we bought all the needed colours inside the house from the log cabin. I guess it took him 2 or 3 hours in the end. At first it wouldn't stand and we talked about balance and he came up with a solution himself and was really pleased with the end result. His attitude is poster child #PBH! He also read to me for a while.

E played with friend R from football club and friends A and A from Legoland for a few hours on Skype Minecraft. (Realms and CosmicPVP) He came off at 8pm and we finished reading "Fortunately the Milk"

Still not asleep E relocated to (re) listen to "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" with O and I til around 10pm - we read quite a few chapters! This time of year was always a peak for sleep related discussions at LLL meetings as the days shorten and patterns readjust. The window of fire and movie after supper replacing the allotment is moving towards straight to stories again. I recall this happening last year too as we were adjusting to having C from America stay with us.

S was still awake when we went to sleep and ignored my suggestion that she was going to struggle to get up for swimming :(

E was already awake and watching YouTube when I woke up. For years and years and years he woke me at 5/5:30am and it still feels odd to find him doing his own thing when I wake.

Whilst the water for his tortellini boiled he helped me send the last of the allotment tomatoes through the passata machine to make soup and we talked about how the process would differ in industrialised settings and how companies can provide tomatoes for more of the year with the help of light and heat.

Whilst O was eating his toast, brown paint and banana they made a video of themselves playing Mario Maker, skylanders and a house tour! on E's new tablet.

Around 10am, after waiting in the car for S, we left to go swimming.

We called into Tesco at Broadbridge Heath on the way for new goggles  and nose clips (sadly sold out) E picked up the wrong pasta for lunch blaming the fact he can't read which made me feel absolutely terrible. I've been feeling pretty terrible about his lack of reading anyway recently so it doesn't take much to tip me over.

Then on to swimming where S wouldn't get out the car.............sigh sigh sigh.............I am sure if I look back on the blog this has happened before.  E and O were devastated and crying and she was stubborn and resolute. With my costume on under my clothes and my broken toe nail specifically bandaged up I was seriously unimpressed. I am utterly rubbish at parenting 3 when this kind of thing happens. I offered for her to bring her book and sit on the spectator seats but No she said the cafe or in the car .......I explained you can't leave 10 year old children on their own in cafes or car parks............I completely lost my cool and suggested all kind of random sanctions in the hope of not disappointing E and O....and the fact we all need more exercise..........that we could have gone to multiple other things...........but no! Argh! Why did I ever think toddlers were hard! I've shown so much understanding in the past :(

Et wasn't keen on swimming for a while and that was fine as we made arrangements in advance rather than in our costumes

S is adamant she is fine on her own to do her own thing and in many many ways she is - except that she is 10 and in the eyes of many "should" be in school - I am definitely more comfortable with leaving her home evenings and weekends than in the school hours during term time.

And so a black cloud over the day as we came home from the swimming pool without having been swimming.

After lunch O and I landed up having a neat couple of hours on and around the sofa in the den whilst he made a lego Bowser to go with Bowser Junior (it has spikes on its back and everything) and I read aloud some more Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The holiday feels properly over now. It nearly felt over on Sunday night when E was the barometer signaling change but we managed to hold it together. Not today though.