Monday, 30 May 2016


The past 24 since we returned home from Worthing has had a pretty nice flow about it with only one minor upset from O punctuating it otherwise very peaceful.

I played some Lego with S - O tried to play robolox with his new skype friend  but is finding it pretty frustrating and not enjoying it as much as minecraft

O's skylanders are all listed on eBay now as he fundraises to buy the Lego mine set he is saving for

TD and I watched the second part of Wallander and when it was done E and O had both fallen asleep in their own beds - sea air! 

TD was already at the allotment when I woke up this morning (It's a Bank Holiday in the UK so a day off paid work) potting the tomatoes in the greenhouse.

When O woke up we did a little bit of Dobot Book 3 - there are now over 100 pages of drawings and writing for the Dobot books and we read through them all together from the beginning

S and E played on a new minecraft map on E's realm together and S helped E changed his minecraft gamer tag which he has never ever done before which has led to them playing lego together for about 3 hours today is 3 one hour bursts - first time that has happened in a very long time.

We bought Minecraft pocket edition 3 years ago today and S's realm one year ago today

TD and O played lego hero factory for a couple of hours together in between dobot books and lunch and some MK8 too - life with an extra adult

Here is a hilight from O's MK8 race

The flow between tings has been lovely

and as i type I am on the sofa with E and O and S is here and we are turn taking YouTube pairing code - O chose Riddle school from Dan TDM and E is choosing SSUndee  - we are wondering which YouTubers will come to i58 and I think S might choose PewdiePie singing Let It Go

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Some lovely times in the past 24

A hour in the log cabin 7-8pm with S and O looking at various lego books for ideas and S working more on her project with the addition of the garage and searching out red lego and finishing off my lego cherry tree from a project I started after Christmas - it's lovely we have enough lego to tackle such projects and that at 11.5 S still plays when I know many of her peers don't.

6 hours in Worthing with E and O to watch the Angry Birds movie, walk along the sea front and play on the pier for air hockey and the Jurrasic World game all in glorious sunshine with lunch in Steyne Gardens whilst TD stayed home to watch the Monaco Grand Prix

The movie was O's choice - and he loved it - we were in the separate area  back row so his excited hand wiggling and movement not a problem - he played the games more than me and was really impressed how well all the character back stories fitted in. E came along because he doesn't like grand prix and most of what life has to offer him atm is 'boring' KRS One in the sound track was a surprise.

A day out with 2 boys very different to my previous visit to Worthing with S on Friday

No one wanted to hang at the hut and watch the boats afterwards - would have been sublime weather for a BBQ. One day.

2 hours with TD watching Wallander just the two of us. Saturday night. I love the original Swedish Wallander, you know me and my subtitled Euro crime, and have been a fan since the start of this blog but Kenneth Branagh is really very good. The second part is on live TV tonight and I think we might have a second Mum and Dad night. Obvs the trio weren't asleep but we have a good agreement.

E woke me up at 2:09am - lucky I've not got my heart set on sleeping through the night as a mark of parenting success and 9.5 years on .......

I guess if there has been a theme to this week it has been talking to the trio is various combinations about various scenarios involving adults doing stuff I tell them not too!

From the shadow cast over our enjoyment of Alice  Through The Looking Glass by the media coverage of Johnny Depp's antics, adults typing things they should have said and breaking rules .........

If a purpose of school is to sand off the rough edges and fit square pegs into round holes.........

Saturday, 28 May 2016

It's Your World

Leaving TD and O playing lego and E online with friend P I collected S from her friends in our village shortly after yesterday's blog post  and, via a snack at Mad Hatters in Goring,  we went to the Dome cinema in Worthing to see the new Tim Burton Alice Through the Looking Glass. Via a pit stop for socks and shoes as S had a blister! S is a massive Tim Burton / Johnny Depp / Helena Bonham Carter fan and it was the first time she's ever been to a movie on opening night.

She wore her T-Shirt specifically purchased for the occasion and we found the cafe had the same phrase painted on the wall.

We landed up with  6 hours 1:1 time :) It was utterly blissful and so much fun.

How on earth is it 5 years since Gil Scott Heron died!

Today O has been getting to know a new online friend playing Minecraft and Robolox after a last morning of YouTube. E has played with friend P for a while on Mining Dead and Island Craft but has, once again, complained of being bored when not constantly shadowed. He threw O's croc out the log cabin earlier inspiring O to make a lego shoe and a whole conversation about the engineering of shoes followed. #triumphovertragedy So much learning #dontgetmadgeteven

S and TD have been to the allotment