Friday, 31 October 2014

8-9pm last night was a busy Home Ed Hour (#homeedhour) on Twitter

9-10pm was 1 chapter of Percy Jackson for E  and 2 times Opal Plumstead for S

Is this a timetable?

There was also pumpkin carving (drilling) action!

Today S and I have finished Opal Plumstead in and around the park, painting nails and attempting to make brownies.....when a successful recipe fails!

Completing errands locally this morning I hear tales of chicken pox that has come back twice and am now feeling apprehensive S might be incubating it. Am hoping not with cinema booked for tomorrow and Harry Potter studio tour tickets for Monday

Thursday, 30 October 2014

I'll Take Care Of You

Pumpkins have come to define interests. In 2012 it was all about Katsuma and Diavolo from the Moshi Monsters, they were so good we received a clutch of freebies in the post, and last year The Death Star and robots featured. TDO made a start on the 2014 clutch last night. A clone and iBallistic Squid fashioned from the allotment grown orange spheres.

We suspended our favorite fortnightly outdoor social, bikes at Barnham, today. The chicken pox backlog and birthday / Halloween to-do list longer than time.

Instead E, O and I walked up to the butchers to collect the ingredients for E's choice of birthday lunch which we then made and S and I read another huge chunk of Opal Plumstead aloud.

This afternoon we had 45 minutes in the sun playing nerf guns and a new game "Catch the dart" Shorts and T-Shirt on the penultimate day of October.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Hush

Lovely readers of this blog, who've stuck with me since 2011, and have now mostly become friends (some in real life!) will know that way back in the day I was pretty sure there was something wrong with Middle Small (as E (now 7) was then known on the blog.)

Whether it was ADHD or Aspergers or ODD or full moon behaviour or some such other label I didn't know. Clumsy, slow at developmental milestones compared to his siblings, his coke can tendencies, digestive issues and not growing out of melt downs.....

But, through the healing process of writing the blog, I came to conclude that it mattered not what label stuck to him as, in any event, he was likely to be happier at home than school and that it wouldn't change anything to know either way. There is so much debate about whether the above conditions even exist and very little respite care is available for families with even seriously physically handicapped children in the UK.

And so it goes.

Until now. When the recent incubation and recovery of chicken pox has left me as the one scratching my head and crying. Sure the run up to birthdays is always a  challenge as E can't keep secrets or lie but features of the past few weeks have been on a whole new level. Not least as the disparity between his physical age and physical size continues to grow and the consequences of his actions fall outside my belief that his personality simply doesn't response to sanctions based punishment (or equally reward / treat based praise) and into the wider world.

I digress. And am moved further away from the parent I want to be as the peace in our nest is disrupted.

More Opal Plumstead with S as Gma and C helped out (it's great but so long feels like we've been reading for ages and still not finished!)

and to today. S had been really keen to repeat the Center Parcs and Fishers Farm owl handling experiences so I found this place in Horsham called Huxleys that looked really promising. After sat nav sent me miles out the way before I realised I was very close to places I knew and could have travelled a whole quicker way it was a real let down for S and there was no owl handling at all. She probably had more owl interaction at the free Pulborough village fair last month.

We have found a boy teenager to play Nerf, Lego, Wii and MInecraft with E on Fridays after C leaves in two weeks. He came over with his family today and so from November 14th they'll be a J on the blog. 

We have a delivery date for the log cabin! Hooray! Clutter be gone and a project based winter is in sight.