Monday, 1 September 2014


Only one song for today.

Hello September. The fourth September to be recorded on The Gallivanters blog. 2011, 2012 at Cass Sculpture, 2013 when Smokey kitten was locked in a garage, and now, today, 2014. Since becoming a home educator I have come to love September. We often have our holiday in the month and the weather can be warm but most of all we have our world back after a home centred August.

Yesterday afternoon we completed our village survey  which took around 25 minutes and led to some interesting chats about geography, town planning and religious observance.

Yesterday evening we went to the allotment. It is looking bountiful and I see clearly now why TDO was keen to invest in a pasatta machine. Tomatoes ripening all around. Most of the seeds we are growing come from Franchi.

Afterwards we wrapped up the weekend watching Arthur and The Invisibles. Luc Besson is one of my best film directors and I haven't watched this great movie in a while.

Today, September 1st, E woke up O whilst I was distracted sending the day off at an unpredictable angle. O landed up crashing into me as a result causing my lip to bleed - he was absolutely broken hearted. 

There is a great new hashtag for Unschoolers on Twitter #unschoolingmoments and today could be well summed up with some fabulous moments and some a lot less so moments that I aim to sweep us along from.

Back to being the only people at the park, Storrington park today, again and we were able to have a nerf war before the rain came and we headed to Seawhite, a wonderful outlet store for quality art materials near our house. O needed a restock on coloured pencils for the holiday. Unsurprising when some days he draws for 3 hours. S also found a glue gun and, as she has been after one for a while, that came home too.

Next stop an empty McDonalds, where the new theme is Box Trolls, then to drop off a big pile of Jigsaws at Script. Many of which were bought there. It's becoming a sort of a library service. We love Script. With so much debate around which charities we should or shouldn't donate to it stands out to me as an noncontroversial worthy cause.

Home to find the best Lego Club magazines this year on the mat and to watch "Arthur and The Invisibles 2."

4 more sleeps til holidays. I won't blog at Center Parcs the internet is too patchy.

S has been reviewing on Amazon as she has now finished the whole Casson Family series.
And I have added some movies to our Imbd list

Sunday, 31 August 2014

My Lovin'

We were all pretty tired after Ikea yesterday but the BBC came to the rescue with the second episode of Doctor Who which the trio all seem to enjoy. It's not totally my thing but I live in hope Malcolm Tucker (aka Peter Capaldi) will let rip the odd string of F words! This was followed by "Crimes of Passion" a fantastic new addition to the Nordic Noir series on BBC4.

This Stampylongnose book was waiting for us when we arrived home.

Pre holiday hair trims for some  this morning then, whilst I took E to the park for nerf wars, TDO and S FINALLY managed to make toothbrush bracelets. The secret seems to be keeping them in the water to bend them. I think it was 3rd time lucky but it might have been 4th.

TDO installed S's new lamp from Ikea and repaired my Hollywood Starlet mirror which hasn't worked in 8 years.

S has made a batch of chocolate frogs today and removed them from the molds solo.

It's great to be rocking my contact lenses again and waving bye to that nasty eye stye.

5 more sleeps til holiday.

Saturday, 30 August 2014


Family movie night last night was Flubber featuring the late Robin Williams - S and E and TDO chuckled and giggled along but O wasn't captured so I chatted to him whilst he drew Bart Simpson in the kitchen.

We had a conversation about making Hero Brian, a character from Minecraft, out of Fimo. I said I thought he was called Hero Brain then S came in the kitchen and said he was called Hero Brine

TDO returned home last night with more toothbrushes for the plastic bending bracelet project - some from Muji and Tiger to try alongside those from Poundland and Tesco.........................The Muji ones have acrylic but they are not very bright colours.

Today we have been on the Ikea diet. You know the one where you shed several hundred pounds in a few hours.

Grandma and Grandie met us there and helped out whilst TDO and I shopped.

All 3 of the trio are now too big for any of the Ikea chidren's range :( We came home with a new bed and lots more besides. E loved it and is desperate to return for meatballs.

S is on the last of "The Casson Family" Series now and E and I have one chapter left in our reread of Bone.

The trio in the Ikea helter skelter car park in Southampton - there was a HUGE cruise ship in the dock and we talked about well, how huge it  was!!