Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Quick 3pm post - still in nurse mode for S who is convalescing.

O has built a Hogwarts Express track complete with ingenious platform 9 3/4 to add to his Harry Potter inspired Minecraft build which I blogged about yesterday. Around 5 man (boy) hours have gone into the build so far.

More Doctor Who episodes and a Hama bead Matt Smith in and around a leg wax and lots of TLC and saline mouth washing for S.

Grandma has taken E out for the day - he is not much into home days of quiet.

Monday, 26 January 2015


Today's 3pm slot sees me on the sofa rewatching Malificent with a convalescing S who has had some teeth extracted this morning.

O is building Hogwarts on Minecraft and E is playing Golden Eye with TDO. O's Hogwarts is amazing - there is a device inside the mirror of Eirsed which places the philosophers stone (some red stone)  in your hand!

E and TDO read the whole of Fantastic Mr Fox last night working their way through the Dahl box set.

An unconventional Monday.

Sunday, 25 January 2015


Mostly, for me, it's been about Lego Harry Potter with O inspired by our current bedtime stories he saw me looking at this amazing Hogwarts in Lego and wanted to do the same! We've built up a whole base plate of torches and potions and a dormitory bed copied from E's book using many of S's Belville pieces. 

Our Lego Story starter kit provided 8 wands, 8 broomsticks, 8 frogs and 8 wizard hats, we have some grey lego castle pieces and some of the mini figures from when S and E were first into Harry Potter so we were away!

This morning TDO made E two more lucky blocks. The pieces arrived from Lego spare parts in 4 days! Really fast. We had hoped E might make them but he was distracted........

Last night for TDO and I was Spiral, E and TDO read the whole of George's Marvelous Medicine.