Thursday, 24 April 2014

Legoland for O's 5th Birthday - Hot Butterfly

So it goes. We are all odd again. At 5, 7, 9 and two times 41 until I discover the meaning of life, 42,  in 6 weeks time. Orin is five. The trio are all of too cool for school age.

If there will be a lasting legacy of home ed in our family it will be the idea that spending your birthday at school is frankly preposterous! In turn all 3 of the trio have been genuinely staggered to discover that you still have to attend on your birthday.

I was apprehensive about today. A clutch of reasons. In September we traveled home from Legoland with our car in slash on an AA low loader recovery vehicle and, whilst the AA and Legoland were awesome, it was a much longer day than the one we had planned. Also there had been mention that home educators would need to show "proof" of home ed status at Legoland and, although as existing customers, we were assured our reference number would be fine and show we had been before I still felt a little nervous. This new approach also meant we had to collect our tickets from guest services rather than having them posted and I'd seen tweets earlier in the week about 750m queues........

S was staggered when I told her people had been fraudulently claiming to be home schooled. "Why not just be home schooled?" she asked

But, as with all worries, they are a waste of time and we've had an "Splendid" (quote S) day. Left home early, the journey took around 2 hours but we were at the park for 9:30am and there was no queue and no questions at Guest Services. Before 10am we were inside the phenomenal Star Wars Miniland. (that it took E 3 trips Legoland in 2012 before he would dare to venture inside)

The weather, the one thing no one can control, was perfect.

Several rides on the dragon rollercoaster, Spell breaker in the 4D cinema, 3 spins on the Viking Ride, ages in the Hero Factory building area, feeling sick after spinning too fast on the spinning spider, Atlantis sky ride and my highlight of the day, ages to really enjoy miniland. So much so that S even noticed the Simpsons in the crowd at Buckingham Palace. S loves the gherkin built in the year of her birth. On our last few visits weather and other priorities meant it has been rather sidelined. The old cliche that there is too much for a day very true of Legoland. A large amount of miniland has been upgraded and replaced and looked brilliant with the sun sparkling on the bricks. Much talk of architecture. 

For ages a day at Legoland was pretty hard work for us, we needed extra adults and never made the distance. It's a real pleasure now S and E can go on several of the rides alone.

We booked today's tickets before Christmas using a special offer so it was £56 for 5 of us - It seems inside out and upside down and back to front to us that it is more expensive to go to Legoland when it is busy and you have to queue for longer but that's demand elasticity for you!

So, 2014 has seen two trips to Lego Mania, one session with another to follow using the Lego Curiosity Hub to make an EV3 Mars Mindstorms robot.

And to O, he wants the Death Star, it costs £274, he had £130 today to spend but said he will wait as that is what he really really wants! He did have 4 or 5 other small sets this morning.  Such incredible delayed gratification in one so very young. He was thrilled with the special birthday badge we collected from guest services.

E had saved the proceeds from selling his playmobil and really enjoyed spending them in the gift shop on several star wars sets.

More fun tomorrow. A creeper cake on the way with Grandma and Grandie and a loan box of rocks coming from Haslemere Museum. Minecraft. Lego. I wonder if I dream in 3D cubes.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Fairy Tale

Staycation Day 6

O is enjoying the Ricky Ricotta books. We called into the library this afternoon to order in some more. He enjoyed a whole chapter book about a Hamster's birthday last night before a conversation about how, when S was 3 she didn't want to be 4, led us to talk about Numberjacks and Cbeebies program and he watched several episodes back to back whilst I watched a great program about the Matisse exhibition at the Tate.

A morning of Skype with friends for S and E and Minecraft and allotment for TDO. S also finished rereading the Beggar from Volubillis

After lunch we called into our local butchers to collect a whole lamb skeleton for some of our long standing home ed friends who are vegetarians. We had discussed the idea around Christmas time but one way and another it took until today to coordinate ourselves. Our local butcher is fabulous. The fact they were able to provide us with the skeleton of a whole animal testament to the quality of the products they sell.

S wasn't cool with the idea, she's a vegetarian, well eats fish so a piscan. but E liked it. When we called into SLindon woods to see the bluebells on the way E called out to the neighboring sheep "We have one of your friend's skeletons in our car."

O said the woods were "Bluebell parkour."

It was brilliant to see the Higglepea crew. It's been months but circa 3:30pm O started crumbling. This seems to be his danger zone at the moment.

So, to Legoland tomorrow for O's 5th - We also celebrated his 3rd and 4th birthdays there. We are all feeling a little apprehensive though as our previous trip last September ended up with us travelling home on the back of the AA low loader. My paternal Grandmother kept a diary every day for the whole time I can recall. Sometimes I feel a little like her with my "This time last year.." snippets

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Hey Now

S drew Lisa and O drew Maggie. We discovered yesterday, when we went to cancel it, that we have had the Sky subscription to watch Simpsons for months but didn't realise! D'oh! Caught up yesterday.

Yesterday was Skyfall, Harry Potter, Simpsons and much Minecraft.

Today S and I went to Horsham Library together before Roller Disco. S was organised and ready to go over an hour before we needed to leave. She is lacking reading material again. She's been reading for 5 years - the same kind of books in some ways - all the Harry Potters, all the Caroline Lawrence's, Eva Ibbotson's, Jacqueline Wilson's, Jane Blonde's.......... My suggestions rejected. The teen area for 10+ seeming not really right just yet...........

We lasted about 7 minutes at Roller Disco. I am not sure exactly how and why it went wrong for S but she was insistent that we leave almost as soon as we arrived. Several of her friends asked what was wrong but some combo of feet hurting, everyone skating too fast, being a bit overwhelmed at not having seen anyone for ages.......

I played on the Wii with Et this morning. He was very patient with me!

O enjoyed some cutting and sticking yesterday.

S wrote a great story about Poirot the stray last night - I might get to type it up later

TDO has found time to explore minecraft today and made some Redstone piston operated devices. He says he can understand exactly why the trio are so hooked!

Day 5 of Staycation :) I am about to have my legs waxed!