Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Rolling In The Deep

Took E to the park circa 6pm last night for a game of nerf guns. What will we do when it is dark in a few weeks time? Golden Eye?

This morning there was a soapy explosion in the Ocado grocery delivery which took a lotta clearing up from............Yesterday, for the second week in a row, the dustmen (refuse collectors) failed to empty our bin so today I had to take it to the refuse tip myself. Sometimes the glamour is too much.........

Swimming today in Horsham with some of E's BFFs - O 5 was AMAZING! He totally has this under the water thing sorted as a result of our Center Parcs holiday and a new nose clip and he and I had fun playing dive sticks. E meanwhile found himself told off by the lifeguard :( Even then I am still not sure he listened.

After swimming E and O stayed at the park with me and the friends and the nerf guns whilst S and C went into Horsham to see the Museum and shops and S found a Halloween costume.

Realised I had left the swimming flotation aid aka the woggle at the pool so had to go back in and get it just as the fire engine pulled up and the building was evacuated!

Tuesday, 30 September 2014


TDO came home from work with a Series 12 Lego Mini Fig for us all last night. They were just released yesterday. We can play the quiz game again.

Then there was a hairwash for E (a big job) followed by Golden Eye for E and TDO. C had a solo London day yesterday.

Et read ahead in Tom Gates of me a few times last night including the words for "Mobility Scooter" - before I reached that part I kept thinking "Why is he saying mobility scooter?"  I read this last night about how the detective and the navigator learned to read and write and breathed again through the fact that were teaching E to read performance pay related with targets and appraisals I'd have been long sacked by now.......

E and I went for milk circa 8am - It's great having more adults around, such a simple errand would be unthinkable normally and E needs so much more 1:1 time than S and O - On the way we discussed who in our family has the letters in their name to anagram penis - including surname E discovered that he and O do but not S and that TDO would need his middle name..............

Early this morning I popped into Chi to complete a few domestic errands solo leaving the trio with Gma and C then, this afternoon, C, S E and I went to nearby Petworth House in the sunshine whilst O and Gma played cards. We usually go to Petworth in the mornings but in the afternoons the bedrooms are open and I have never seen them before.

I'm seriously down on the cats at the moment and struggling to see the positives in pet ownership (outside of the fact that S and E adore them) - In the past 24 they have: made the sofa filthy, ruined the bed clothes, scratched the sofa, bought home 3 shrews and mice several times a day, they appear to need frontlining (again) money I'd rather spend on lipstick and cream teas.....  and jumping on the kitchen worktops which is so unhygienic and driving me insane - Today I lit a candle to deter them but Smokey, who could have been christened Smokey Down, jumped on the candle and singed all the fur on her belly......she was a sight with fire on her belly.........No lessons learned she was jumping up again a little later on..............

Even though the sky was a perfect blue I forgot to take any photos at Petworth but really enjoyed listening to a story about Crayons called The Day The Crayons Quit. It made a nice change not to be the one reading aloud.

Am wondering if a day off on Friday was wise - it's all been feeling a little relentless since........E needs so much 1:1 then I feel guilty S and O are missing out.........

Monday, 29 September 2014

Hold On

SBTRKT (pronounced subtract) have a new album out this week.

The 80's movie revival continued last night in the shape of Back to The Future (1985) with a day old Doctor Who trailer for S, E and TDO whilst O and I read a Star Wars book in bed.

S and I have danced to 5 songs on the Wii Just Dance Game (mostly Katy Perry) read a chapter of Artemis Fowl and The Atlantis Complex aloud together, cleaned the kitchen floor together and recovered her bedroom from the talc explosion that occurred yesterday. 

O has played with letter and number magnets making a family of robots from them and drawn this picture above by outlining lego mini figures (I had to colour in myself) and he has written the names. When I said I didn't like the exploding plane because it made me sad he modified it to the one below. O often does this to his drawings - he spends ages (hours) with maximum attention to detail like noticing everyone's best colours and clothes and accessories  - S has her cat T-Shirt on for example - then, he starts to draw a massive explosion - lucky he's not in therapy! I guess for most kids the bell has rung by that point. He is so happy to have a home day alternating between lego, minecraft and drawing to say things like "Are seven nines 63 Mum?"

These are the worse kind of days for E who finds it much harder (impossible?) than S and O do to entertain himself., he gets there eventually - - He's played with his freshly painted nerf guns and a little minecraft but would rather it hadn't of rained.

I ate lunch away from home every week day last week and it was kind of nice to have lunch at home today especially for S who only really eats warm or hot food. Despite laying out big selections to choose yesterday she ate: potato waffles, chips and jacket potato - which are all basically the same thing........oh, and some milk shakes. If I find time later I'll be googling places to add to my list of those with guns to look at and trying again to Storify last Thursday's #homeedhour

 O's robot magnet people above - The names are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and his lego craft below