Sunday, 22 January 2017

S and O made Furby house yesterday afternoon - they were originally considering painting it but wanted to play with it ASAP so went for fabric, carpet and fairy lights for an instant creation instead. S adored these types of crafts when she was 7 and it is lovely to see her share them with O - 

E was busy on the PS4

Landed up spending around an hour requesting new mono headsets for TD and E's PS4s as both have failed already.

We've also watched a few more Jonathan Creeks - well ~~  It's really cold. It's also a 7 week month! We had good intentions to go for a walk both yesterday and today but didn't manage it.

TD and I had out weekly TV slot last night too - we watched "No Country for Old Men"

It's not "just watching TV" as Keris wrote  so articulately last week and really echoed our #HomeEd experiences from  Doctor Who inspired gallivants to Harry Potter crafts and Simpsons lego and Minecraft creations and minecraft builds "TV" has taken us all over..finding Poirot and Doctor Who filming locations in the wild, making cartoon characters in lego, eating and creating themed foods from many of the shows we've been into is as limiting as your limits

And they are not just video games either - witness where Minecraft has taken us - checking out the rocks, and animals IRL for eg - and  Orin's Mario table at Japan Day 3. His collection of  lego undertale builds deserved a mention too. Plus there are lots of big number manipulations,  developing strategy, regulating competition and cooperation - not just future town planners!

And socially too - S is now part of a big gang of MCPZ players from the US - leading to conversations about time difference and their schooling - exposure to a variety of people she'd never meet at school - - Just like E with long term friend P from Thailand - the media might have you think school is a tool of social integration but the reality couldn't be more different - leave aside the odd comprehensive school success - future prime minsters go to Eton - the state / private divide perpetuates the class divide and metritocracy is largly a myth,  religious schools exist to segregate not integrate imo ime

S and TD went for a Pokemon Go , tyre pumping drive - S has read a big chunk more Warrior Cats - she is on Omen of the Starts The Last Hope now -  there has been Clash of Clans war going on - O has spent a while writing out a book on Minecraft - he has the cool 'type it as it sounds' approach to word formation at the moment - more fun with Furbys - E and I have entered lots of competitions this afternoon inspired by the Ali A competition - several that required researching the history of companies he admires - a home Sunday - learning all the time.

I can not deactivate until you say that you are satisfied with your care

IMDB page for movie links

Instagram Page

Our clan on clash of clans for #HomeEd kids has a Facebook group and a discord group

I am on Roblox and help out on the FB page for HomeEd kids that like Roblox

I also try and hang out in the discord group for HomeEd gamers

Saturday, 21 January 2017

It's Your World

There are some pretty cool things about being a home educated 12 year old - like getting to stay home alone sometimes and do as you please, making your own noodles and bagels when you're hungry, being trusted to feed a neighbour's pets whilst they are away but still getting to spend two hours playing Furbys  with our new neighbour's daughter and your little brother on a Friday afternoon.

TD and I started the evening with Pizzas and Jonathan Creek in the den whilst O had 3 hours skype with friend L on Minecraft and Roblox, E carried on with his PS4 marathon and S on MCPZ etc

Then we all gathered together to watch the penultimate episodes of Lemony Snicket on Netflix 7:30-9:30 with a fire which was  really nice.

We had to take the batteries out of the Furbies as they wouldn't go to sleep!

Despite being the same room for 12 hours E slept straight away!

This morning I made parsnip Soup and bolognaise and pancakes - still experiencing really cold weather - before going on a solo Pokemon Go walk.

E has mostly played Overwatch and unlocked a banana skin by being on Overwatch Level 84

O has mostly played on his Friend S's Minecraft server

TD is at the allotment

E's headphones mic has stopped working.........2nd of 2017?!

Looking for codes for Roblox Nuclear Tycoon for O

Friday, 20 January 2017

Not Giving In

O goes high on the drop slide at Out of Bounds this morning

Gosh its been a really lovely 24

Shortly after our neighbours left yesterday I mopped the kitchen floor, a chore I'd started around 2 hours earlier!! Then O7 and I dashed out for our Pokemon Go 7 day streak to the Pokestop at the Corn Store and were rewarded with a glorious sunset and possible sighting of Venus and a couple of egg hatches on our 2km walk.

S played some Overwatch with TD whilst E was in the log cabin trying to get Ark Survival to work with different friends than those he's played with in the morning.

O7 had a great day playing with friends S and G with a brief break for our walk

7-8pm S, TD and I watched a Jonathan Creek

Wrapped up with Artemis Fowl and Warrior Cats (E and O)

9:30pm #HomeEdHour

6am Cross Trainer with QI

7am Ocado delivery with frozen olive oil it was so cold -they very kindly refunded although it is now liquid again!

9am O and I made it to Out of Bounds for the early bird discount 10am climb this morning - took about 10 minutes to de ice the car! This is the 4th time since December O has been climbing at Out of Bounds and was noticeably better - we met #HomeEd friends there and there were only 4 children in the session so loads of climbing - I played Pokemon Go with our HomeEd friend and had an hour of  uninterupted adult conversation which was a fabulous start to any Friday.

S and E stayed home

E has had a PS4 day - all those years I thought exercise & fresh air were the answer turns out he's never been happier than having a stream of friends to game with. The name of our blog feels less and less appropriate 

Home before  12

O's new Furby arrived whilst we were out, S helped him set it up - Our new neighbours popped around to meet the singing Furbys and to play and have tea and jaffa cakes in front of the fire and play hide and seek.

E's pancake looked like it needed a face

Amazing colours in the sky for sunset walk