Saturday, 1 August 2015

August 1st

Hello August.

The all things Harry Potter day for O wrapped up with HP Wii games. He had a great day.

S read her first ever Judy Blume book (Hello God. It's me Margaret.) and made a start on Sam and Sam.

O and I made smarties cookies. "Ten will give us 2 each but for 3 we'd need 15." he told me. We ate them whilst searching for the remaining purple lego for the knight bus.

I made a cheesecake with some of the allotment blackcurrants. I considered naming it something Ribena ish!!

We wrapped up with Hercules (Family Movie Night)  and OoP (reading)

I need to write on Minecraft Mum today. Lots to say. A big learning through mistakes journey on cosmicpvp for E.

Today, a sunny THD, there's been more Minecraft, S's babyish curtains have been replaced with a stylish plain black blind, Lego, allotment, nerf, S made the cookies today totally solo, O can hold on on the Monkey bars for the count of 15 somthing he's been trying to do a while.

 Blackcurrant above

Knight bus below


Friday, 31 July 2015

Harry Potter's 35 Birthday

We've had a pretty cool, but sunny, day today for Harry Potter's 35 birthday.

We made chocolate frogs to take to the park and share with friends who bought Avada kebabra fruit kebabs and Death eater biscuits. Wands, broomsticks and scars at the ready.

After a run around we headed back to our house for an afternoon of log cabin lego centred around the Harry Potter theme with some Harry Potter Wii Lego game too.

Harry Potter was a big project of S's 

E stayed home with teenager J in the morning as he is not so into Harry Potter as S and O and it was an "Orsam" day too :)

In Other News

S and O helped TD at the allotment last night - bumper harvesting :) before we watched Mulan and read Order of the Phoenix.

Some Skype/ Minecrafting squeezed in too for S and E

Thursday, 30 July 2015

On A Ragga Tip

Hello lovely blog the gift that keeps on giving :)

Thank-You for all the Twitter, Facebook and other social media comments and ideas about nagging, the silent yelling resonated most with me!

It's not inevitable and is a sign my needs are not being met. Action taken :) When you've offered outside the box support to someone and they return it - That's a pretty cool thing to be a part of.

I've thought back to when S didn't want her ear pierced a few weeks back -  sat there in the chair all ready with the gun poised and all the behind the scenes action that had gone into making that moment happen and she said "No" and that's okay. It is not easy. At all, But it is okay. One day it might be non consensual sex or a needle full of drugs or whatever. It's okay to go with our instincts.........If only they'd tell us to wash our damn hands!!

We've had an awesome 27 hours since the last post minus the 30 seconds of knockback madness when E wouldn't sleep! 3 chapters of Order of the Phoenix.

Last night I was flying as the solo adult and decided to rewatch Ratatouille. Everyone came off their Skyping and Minecrafting and we watched it together. S was curious about an omelette they made in the film so we paused the movie and made one and she ate it all. The most egg she has eaten in easily half a decade! Awesome! She hardly eats enough protein! Just say Yes!! (more)

We had to get up this morning, we'd made plans and commitments. After 3 THDs for some and 4 for others I was apprehensive but we were there outside the specifically requested sweet shop by E where we had previously sourced candy delights for the friends we saw today at 10am in Haselmere. 

Once again the lady in the shop was super grumpy and in the car I remarked that not being cool around kids was odd for someone who worked in a sweet shop and E said

"Maybe someone she loves is dying Mum. maybe her life is a long way from how she imagined it. You just don't know."

Flippin' heck!

He rocks!

We spent much of the journey doing quick fire mental maths. E loves it. 3x18= go!

So first stop was to drop S with Grandie - a barter system in operation. S didn't fancy a boytastic day and Grandma had her first whole day commitment since Grandie's operation over 2 weeks ago now. S had a great time and has re-read the whole of the fabulous book "Wonder" today in the car and at G&Gs house and has been chatting and having fun.

I didn't do a post for E as he hardly played yesterday

E, O and i then travelled on to see one of my oldest friends and her two boys on holidays from school. Lots of common interest. Skylanders, nerf, lego Jurrasic Park, sweets and E was able to talk confidently about CSGO as he has played it with teenager J.

I earned a new nickname The Negotiator which I rather like

I left E there for an hour and had some 1:1 with O at the p local ark which was a delight as he remembered he massive slide and was keen to try it again

It was great to catch up and I realise you know this child rearing task has challenges whichever path you chose. My friend and I  had good chats about drugs and how the contemporary experience differs.

Then in reverse we collected S and headed to Burger King in Guildford en route home. now defiantly unanimously preferred to McDonalds as a hot take away of choice due to their vegetarian selection (S) and juicer meat (E) and superior chicken (O)

On the drive home we saw TD making his way home from work - we encountered a road traffic accident and both turned around and took different detours home. We beat him by a few minutes probably the same amount of time we were ahead of him anyway! I told the kids about how I used to use the paper A-Z book on our daily drives to work in central London to avoid traffic queues. S and O love maps like TD does :)

Takes me right back

And tomorrow is Harry Potter's birthday. He will be 35. Who knew that 15 years on from reading it in an airport lounge with TD prechildren I'd have a bunch of local friends to whom I could say "Fancy coming over and eating chocolate frogs and making a Lego Hogwarts?" and they'd say "Yes!" Orsam.

Off to make nectarines with amaretto biscuit topping. A dessert I learnt how to make on honeymooon when the babies who start secondary school this September where not even born. And there are plans for Mulan and the first ripe tomatoes from the allotment have appeared in July.

I've had an awesome day with my 3 today and my Dad looks great and it's only now he's getting better I realise how worried about him I was and  I'm smiling.