Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Eti and I have had a gun gallivant to The Tower of London today where we've seen a P90, a jewel encrusted pistol and a gold plated machine gun and an AK47

We also had a great mooch around China Town and Covent Garden. Rode the tube, a taxi and a double decker bus.

S and O have stayed with Grandma and Grandie.

We reunited with TDO making 7 for supper.

London was lovely and empty - the tube especially was so much quieter than when I went on Friday with S and O.

We nearly got so near yet so far when we were required to climb a scaffold of stairs to enter the white tower but amazingly E overcame his fear and we made it inside.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Love In Outer Space

S had the dentist this morning. In the period since her last check up on October 6th she has had chicken pox, two abscesses and some teeth extracted under general anesthetic. She's also had antibiotics for the first time in her life......

Each one of those things individually would easily stand out as the worst health related things to have happened to her in her 10 years here on planet earth. And they have all happened in 6 months!

She was phenomenal about her check up and even gave her sticker to O who has agreed to come along next time.

We had planned to wait in this afternoon for a new electricity meter to be fitted (a third attempt to replace our no longer supported ancient meter) which meant we were without power for 40 minutes. Did I really used to cash in a days holiday to wait in for this kind of thing when I was working? But the engineer rang to say he was running early so fortunately it was all done by 1:30pm

The trio were pretty annoyed at the lack of power!

A last minute text and some lovely passing friends popped in for log cabin lego tea soap making and nerf a wonderful surprise of a social afternoon.

Printed off some cool Doctor Who coloring's to do whilst re watching episodes

TDO and I watched more "House of Cards" last night. I loved Kevin spacey in The Usual Suspects 20 years ago and there is an actor from the Euro crime series Borgen and The Killing in this latest series 3 and I loved the English original House of Cards 25 years ago series  with Frances Urquhart

"You might very well think that; but I couldn't possibly comment" 

E and I have our Guns gallivant planned for tomorrow. It has proved harder than I expected to strew this path with related gallivants. The gun museum in Warminster closed without warning. The National Army Museum is Closed til 2016 for a refurb and, after chatting with them on twitter, it seems the Greenwich options seem more about cannons than hand guns..............

me and O swimming in a lego sea by O


Sunday, 1 March 2015

It is the 1st of March. Another home 24 in which the bikes have been out for the first time in 3 or 4 months. Tyres pumped. Saddles adjusted. A short road test. Seeing the neighbours children out and about too.

For TDO and I Saturday night is date night - Several episodes of "House of Cards" Series 3 via Netflix. We really enjoyed Series 1 and 2.

S and I watched a really funny film called "Freaky Friday." A great exercise in empathy and pretty funny too starring Lindsay Lohan who S likes from "The Parent Trap"

Otherwise the usual Lego, Log Cabin, Minecraft and I took E to the park for Nerf guns were mostly he reminded me I am not as cool as teenager J! And a new Skylander figure arrived.