Saturday, 25 October 2014

Not just the clocks falling back this weekend. 5 days of reading stories on the sofa and sub 4 hours sleep per night and I am reminded why sleep deprivation is a form of torture!

In the event E and O went to sleep in the bed together last night as I couldn't outlast them but then I woke at 4am! It's a weird stuck the house lack of fresh air and exercise kinda tired!

E doodled on a banana a la Tom Gates.

O has done some great solo writing - including phenomenal typing of signs on Minecraft and with a pencil on his drawings of his proposed pumpkin designs. (and with Lego above)

Friday, 24 October 2014


S has made a duck tape hat - She arrived home with C  absolutely beaming from her BFFs yesterday afternoon sporting a duck tape bag she had made - she then made another for me and a purse.............. great she was able to get out and odd that I was looking at duck tape ideas whilst she was out.

Whilst S9 was out E7 and O5 made a lego submarine.

Ironed E's epic hama bead create - it is a birthday surprise so I can't share.

Home ed hour on twitter last night was really busy - it's #homeedhour There is so much knowledge and information out there! From the benefits of owing an extra iron for hama beads to insurance via recipes and Minecraft and YouTube.........

#homeedhour is Thursday 8-9pm GMT

I took E and O, who are on the tail end of contagious and no where near as infectious as this time last week, out in the car today to the butchers and farm shop for the Friday shop local errands and landed up chatting to various people about the fact they have had chicken pox. I was so struck by how vivid the memories of having had the illness were even in several really old people I spoke to. Very distinct memories! Often centred around time off school (no change here!) and the itchy and scratchy show, the smells and who cared for them and how. I wonder what E and O's memories of this time will be?

I feel like I've been transplanted back into newborn land of sleep deprivation and upside downness - washing my hair mid afternoon has become the new normal!

Off to read more Opal Plumstead with S - It is the next one in the series following Hetty Feather, Sapphire Battersea and Emerald Star and Diamond - S looks so tiny reading Sapphire Battersea in the early days of this blog

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Your Love

Day 5 of CP house arrest for E and I and day 7 for O.  I had O and E in the bed last night, we fell asleep to an Enid Blyton audio book whilst TDO read to S - This was the plan so TDO could sleep - E was wide awake between 2 and 4am - I am in awe of families with two working parents!

S, O and I watched "Aloha Scooby Doo" yesterday afternoon thanks to children's television thinking this week is the school holidays - we drew the characters as we watched and O added the facial details to my Fred :) 

S and I went for a walk in the dark last night once TDO arrived home as I very much needed to leave the building and S was feeling neglected as ill people take a lot of attention! 1:1 moments v important!

Tickets landed on the mat for the pantomime and Brick Show this morning both of which are happening later this year.

C has taken S to her BFFs house in the train  for a few hours play this afternoon. Great to both live near stations.

I have made tomato soup from scratch with the last (?) of the allotment tomatoes and a lemon drizzle cake which sank in the middle for some reason.

TDO fixed the minecraft server last night.

The glow in the dark hama beads needed to finish E's project also came in the post.

I'm optimistic we may be clear to leave the house at the weekend...........meanwhile E and O are designing lego submarines to take into the bath.