Friday, 22 May 2015


Today is the first day of a 5 day weekend. it started last night with the above stack of deliciousness for supper!

Despite being really tired after the beach yesterday O (6) was determined to crack Linking Books on Mystacraft Minecraft via a mod pack called Technic - Everything I could find via google suggested that his project was pretty ambitious for a 6 year old but with some patience and perseverance he cracked it.
It is very important to always bring a Linking Book created in the over world, otherwise you could be trapped in an age forever.

Minecraft is such a free form game unless you've seen the various possibilities in action it is hard to articulate how differently the trio play it. 

E had some time at the allotment with TD where apparently we have both a new hose and some hoes which is a relief as the same pronunciation alternative spelling of the word had been suggested as a feature of the allotment during a conversation about what some song lyrics meant earlier.

The heating went nuts last night - despite me turning it off the upstairs radiators were all too hot to touch. It eventually calmed down around midnight after O suggested that we sleep with the windows open..........Hot Cross Bunnies!

We finally got around to watching the much discussed BBC documentary about sharks this morning - waking up and breakfast is such a staggered affair in our family it covered all 3 episodes. Four of us really enjoyed it in and around grocery deliveries and morning chores.

Meanwhile E disgraced himself ''playing'' online with his friends.......Some times I wonder if he needed less supervision as a toddler........

Whilst O stayed home with TD for some Lego Star Wars Wii fun  S and I took E to teenager Js house via the recycling centre  and the farm shop then called into Horsham library completing a hatrick of 1:1 library visits for S and I this week - Pulborough on Tuesday, Southwater on Wednesday. S chose some Manga Shakespere and Doctor Who books and the original Neil Gaiman Coraline on which the movie she so loves is based and a Simpsons graphic novel - we didn't have our usual in car chats as she was enjoying the peace and reading. We had a shakeaway and a mooch around the shops. 

Back home and S, O and I are enjoying the peace in the log cabin whilst TD is at the allotment. E will be back in a while.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Sweetest Day In May

Sweetest Day in May

E said this should be the blog song today as "It is May after all"

At Youth Club last night they announced that, for a variety of reasons, there will be no more Youth Club til September :( S glossed over it but I think she's pretty sad. Youth Club has been great for her in such a wide variety of ways. After chicken pox and her poorest health winter ever it was a real savior. She came home with some cool mini canvases and several other crafts she'd made and played Lego in the log cabin with O for a while whilst TD was at the allotment and E was SkypeMinecrafting with two of his friends S and R.

In a flash, with the end of the football season and now Youth Club Wednesdays have gone from being our really busy day to now being pretty free until September!

I finished reading aloud My Neighbour Totoro last night - I was sad to reach the end as it's been a great read aloud. One of the best in ages especially because it has appealed to everyone, those kind of books are rare. E 8 fell to sleep but O 6  had one of his characteristic late night snack attacks. I was shattered, but happy, having been awake since 1am, but then, at just about 10pm, O was stung by a bee on his little toe.......... quick thinking TD got the sting out ASAP and, as he was resting his own still sore knee, he had a ice pack right there! But poor O. What a shock.

We were up early this morning, massively unusually E was the last to wake.  We were out the house by 9am amazing after many home days in a row. We dropped off a birthday gift to O's friend S then headed to Worthing Town Centre to CEX where E was very keen to sell some games.  We parked at the beach hut and walked in. He loves the game exchange and we spent a while discussing the cash versus in store credit alternatives.

At 10:30am we had a rendezvous with a planned homeed walk with teenager J and his family from the Lido to the wooden play park. In the end around 10 families met at the play park, including our football buddies,  around 20 children? and the sun shone and there was coffee - it was awesome. S's friend L came too.  E hurt his leg pretty badly (now all three boys in our house are limping rocking a leg injury!)  and it was bleeding but he didn't grumble about it. Rough play got too rough I think. We then walked back to the Lido with some friends (all boys S outnumbered 6:1 again), some friends left straight from the park. At the Lido we had some 2p machine gambling fun - for the first time ever E left with more money than I gave him to start - - - - - I assume that's a good thing ;-) then, on to the beach hut, where we had a cup of tea! 6 hours on the seafront and O walked around 4 miles and never mentioned his toe once! S's new Doctor Who hoodie has a big enough front pocket for a book and several times I spotted her reading in and among the friends.

As S's friend R has received his gift now I  can tell you know about it. After leaving Llanndaff Cathedral, just outside Cardiff, last Wednesday (The filming location where Amy and Rory got married in Doctor Who) we found a cool piece of  welsh slate on the ground and agreed it would look great as a pendant for S's friend R with it's location back story and everything. When we got home TD drilled a hole in it and we threaded it on leather. As we were packing it up to send it I said "Did you say about where we found it?" and S said "Yes, I said we found it in a graveyard." It's great how her friendship with R has a 21st Century Skype aspect and a postal service / renewed interest in crafts angle too :)

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

There's A Limit To Your Love

Wednesday 4pm

There's a song on E's dubstep album I like - Phew! I was beginning to fear I was choosing too much of S's Meghan Trainor in the choosing game. O heard the original of a Minecraft Parody song he likes today with amusing consequences.

S and I had some 1:1 time this morning whilst Weed was here. We went out for coffee (hot chocolate) and scoped out a hama bead frame design - came home and made a start on it. I had to wake up O! He and E mostly Minecrafted whilst we were out.

S is really into hairspray atm - a total complete and utter transformation from someone who never used to even want to brush she's now all about the style.

Bedtime stories last night were Tom Gates Genius Ideas (E) and more PetBots (O) S and I tried to watch "Fault in our Stars" but abandoned it both agreeing it would be too sad. With supper we watched "Whispers of the Heart"

Football club today. It's nearing the end of the season. S and I went to the library whilst it was happening. We stayed for nearly 2 hours, there was playing  but also there was lots of distraction going on!

I've been awake since 1am - just couldn't get back to sleep after waking up - also I burnt the toast this morning - so much so that when I removed it from the toaster it caught fire! 

Youth Club in a while